maggie & joe: a troy engagement session

Ahh yeah! Today’s Maggie and Joe’s turn to make their blog debut. This couple will wed in the City of Troy on November 27, 2010 which is why we chose Troy for their engagement session. Maggie and Joe are a fun and photogenic couple that my camera fell in love with. I’m stoked to be closing out our wedding season with them too. So as I mentioned we shot in some of my favorite locations in Troy. This city has so many great spots for shooting. I feel like people constantly sleep on Troys beauty. Anyway enough jabber from me. Let me share some photos with you all!


Well hello there!

I just love their style.

Engagement sessions for me are about getting to know my couples. I think we sat in this spot chatting for a little while….

Then I had them get back into the session.

Ya gotta have a nice b&w.

I love everything about this image.

There’s that Elario pose. Since I don’t like “posing” Maybe I’ll call it a configuration?  The Elario configuration.

Maggie’s got a great smile and she’s always smiling.

Outfit #2.. good good light.

Such an awesome block.

There are so many interesting stairs and patterns going on.

Even the little alleys in between buildings are perfect.

This is another easy favorite of mine.

still smiling…

The ultra diffused backlight coming thru two windows. I love it.

I want to take this gate to every shoot I do.

A little attitude for outfit #3

These two know how to relax for the camera.

love. this. image.

last minutes before sunset.

Watch out now..

I love this spot too!
my facebook teaser.

another fav..

I guess the story goes sometime years after high school this couple ran into each other at Ryan’s Wake and the rest is history…

And of course my “bling shot”… see you two lovebirds in November!

next one

blogs on the way…