It’s hard to believe I’m sitting here blogging the last wedding from 2010. Wow, what a season it was too. I know it sounds cliche but it seems just yesterday we were gearing up for our January 1st 2010 wedding. Now with 45 beautiful, fun and incredible weddings behind us I just wanted to say thank you to the 2010 class of Elario bride’s and groom’s! I have so many fun posts in the days and weeks ahead reflecting back on 2010. The “best of’s” are coming back with voting and prizes too! The behind the scenes will be here too so how about all that? Just because this post is from our last wedding of 2010 does not mean this blog will sit and collect dust. So make sure you check back often!

Onto November 27, 2010… First thing that comes to mind is COLD! Man it was freezing that day. I gotta give props to Maggie though she hung in there when we were outside and was awesome considering the chill factor. The second thing that comes to mind was FUN. This party was seriously off the hook. So those are my first thoughts as I reflect back on this wedding. Anyway in room 105 at the Franklin Inn & Suites we would find a room full of bridesmaids getting their finishing touches on makeup from Flawless by TIna. I wasn’t surprised at all on how beautiful Maggie looked either. We all remember drooling over their engagement session back in September right? Once we were all ready we headed outdoors with the ladies for photos. That didn’t last that long though. It was not so much the temperature but the constant wind that really made it rough on the ladies. Thankfully Franklin Plaza has all kinds of indoor opportunities to use. We opted to head back out for their first look though and the whole bridal party wanted to watch it so since we had them all outside we used that moment to get the bridal party picture. Then it was back inside for a bit for a few more family shots. Once the family shots commenced Maggie, Joe, Cheryl & Amanda from CASL Productions and yours truly headed outdoors for a fun little 15 minute session. I kept asking Maggie if she was cold and she just kept saying “I’m good.” This is more evidence for my “brides don’t get cold” theory. Like I said 15 minutes was enough and it was time to head indoors and get these two married. Once their ceremony was over it was party time!  Vinny from Non Stop Music grabbed this party by the horns and never looked back. People danced all night long and when they weren’t on the dance floor dancing they were in the Elario Photo Booth dancing. It was great wedding and Franklin Plaza knocked it out of the park per usual. Maggie and Joey, we can’t thank you enough for choosing us. I mean it when I say this was a great wedding to close out our 2010 season with. I hope your honeymoon is treating you well. Best of luck guys!


This is like the 3rd dress and shoes I’ve shot in this same hotel room in the last few weeks so I thought I’d try something different.

Maggie becoming more flawless.. but let me publicly congratulate Tina here on the blog. She’s wearing that baby bump quite well!

Just another stunning bride. What else is new?

Yup. Stunning..

Oh don’t forget the veil. When you look that great on wedding day its hard not to smile like this.

In my opinion Kyle was definitely Maggie’s “man of honor” he was at her side all day and night. Although she did have a maid of honor too!

I just loved this one of her.. She’s probably freezing however still working it..

and one more because I said so.. oh you fancy huh? 😉

In the vault room at Franklin Plaza.

A little closer now..

Here she come’s!

This is my favorite moment of their first look.. a little glimpse.

Yup! You know when they say “my jaw dropped”? Well here’s proof.

20 peeps.. love this image. Franklin Plaza is so photogenic huh?

Whats up playa’s?

Joe is the man in this one right here!

Aaaah here we go!

How great we started off the year with snow and ended with a little snow cameo?

I love this one.

My facebook teaser..

The little bit of snow was such a perfect touch to an already wonderful image.

Loving the attitude.

a little laughter too.

A September Elario Configuration.. fact: it was in their blog post where I first called it The Elario Configuration..

and one in November.. they should frame these side by sides..

On their way back in while probably freezing some more snow appeared..

It was time to warm up before the ceremony..

How happy was she to walk down the aisle with Dad?


Mr & Mrs.. she’s making almost the same face as when her father walked her down. I loved that.

Franklin Plaza with a lounge and Elario Photo Booth.

First dance..

Then their daughter Gia joined in..

One thing about this reception was they danced all night long..

and they got down!

This is one of our newer backdrops. It’s called “back in black”. It’s a great fall/winter or black tie backdrop.. Notice the Maggie & JP configuration 😉 Peace out 2010 wedding’s!

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  1. Omg Maggie … these are amazing. I don’t know how you are ever going to choose for your album!!! You are stunning in all of them. I love the first look shot of Joe “jaw dropping” its perfect. Congratultions to you both. Nice job once again Big Joe and JP!!! Every blog makes me more and more excited for our wedding!!!

  2. LOVEEE this blogg! and most of all I love these 2 people! It was a fab wedding.. and the pictures are literually breath taking!! Jp is the best..

  3. Great shots JP!!! I love the reception shots! Great backdrop for the photobooth as well! Particularly love the shot of the bride and groom taking their vows with the red hue backdrop…absolutely beautiful!

  4. JP-I cant wait to see more! Maggie you pop in every picture 🙂 It’s so fantastic that you have such great pictures to capture your magical day!!!

  5. First of all, what a gorgeous dress! Secondly, you have the most beautiful clients! I love the shot with the snow falling all around them and they’re standing at the bottom of the stairs. It’s one of my new favorites of your shots. Maggie must have been freezing but she didn’t show it all!

  6. I loved Maggie & Joe’s engagement shoot, so I was looking forward to this blog! Especially because I love Franklin Plaza too! 🙂 Maggie is a stunning bride and the pictures of her are amazing! I love their couple shots after the first look, especially the fb teaser with the bits of snow and the fireplace one. And that shot of them with their daughter is so sweet!! Great blog to end 2010! Congrats Maggie & Joe!

  7. Wow, that day went perfect!!! Joe, JP i cant thank you guys enough. Maggie is and looks Flawless.
    P.S. that backdrop was hot

  8. Great shots. One of the best I have seen so far from you. The snow shots are real real good. Great ones on them. Love the September shot, fantastic that one.

    Keep it up.

  9. Maggie and Joey- What a beautiful wedding!! Maggie you looked beautiful as always and Joey so handsome 🙂 I love the one with Gia… my favorite.

  10. Ooooh these are so great!!
    Hey JP – PRIZES this year? Awwww man, I know I bagged one category last year for sure! 😉 j/k.
    Moving right along – it’s been more than a pleasure to see each wedding post (and engagement, family, etc) shot over this year. Each wedding brings a new detail to oooh and ahhh over. Maggie and Joe – these are just beautiful. Hey, anyone else catching a little resemblance to Scarlet Johanssen with Maggie’s hair up? Some of those pics she just has a similar look. Needless to say, you look simply stunning!! You both look excited, happy, relaxed, and not the lease bit cold. It’s true, brides have invisible shields. 🙂 I love the pics of the ceremony with the backdrop (did it change color?? So cool). And I LOVE your little girl celebrating with you. She is just too sweet.
    I love these all, and what a beautiful way to close out wedding season 2010. Can’t wait for the best of series!!!! 🙂

  11. What a happy and beautiful couple and their daughter is sweet , the snow flakes in the one photo is awesome. a great first look. Wonderful way to end the year with this amazing shoot. Great job as always JP and Joe. You capture the most memorable times of the new couple’s life and they will cherish your work forever.

  12. These are more beautiful then I could have ever imagined. I am so happy the Elario’s were part of our wedding. I LOVE every single one of these pictures. Thank you sooo much!!!

  13. awesome all around!! Maggie was quite a trooper in the outdoors! great job, once again JP! and love the backdrop pictures!!! 😀

  14. Great wedding! Gorgeous couple! Fantastic photos! Maggie & Joe – you two were so much fun to work with and you threw one heck of a party. Big Joe & JP – always love working with you two – and that photo booth of yours was crazy. I can’t wait to start working on this video!

  15. JP, January 1 DOES seem like yesterday!!!! We can’t believe it!!!
    You guys are fabulous, truly the best out there. I’ve enjoyed each wedding you posted this year; it’s amazing how each blog post is unique to the couple. I love the snow flurries in this one- beautiful bride and groom!! Happy Holidays to you and your family. Love, Kristen ( & Dan)

  16. WoW! Awesome pictures! The bride looks stunning! Maggie-I got married last year on Nov. 27th at the Franklin Plaza and JP shot my photos too! How funny!

  17. Fantabulous images!! The “red” ceremony pic is stunning. You are just too good at what you do…


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