Winding up the weddings from Memorial Day Weekend we end with Mara & Matt’s wedding. Mara & Matt had one of the craziest receptions so far this year. I can and may do another blog post on just their reception dance photos but this post is more about the couple. Arriving at Mara’s folks house Mara was getting some finishing touches by Flawless by Tina. Mara just looked fantastic. Matt was waiting at St Madeline Sophie Church and for those who know Matt he was pretty tame at this point of the day. Perhaps a bit of nervousness? Anyway that didn’t last long because after they tied the knot Matt became one of the funniest grooms of all time. Ask Al Woodard who was there to witness Matt and capture his nuttiness on video. Mara on the other hand is a very chill and relaxed person. When she stepped into gown #1 and grabbed her bouquet by Fleurtacious Designs she instantly became a wonderful bride. One of my favorite moments of the day was capturing Mr McCoy’s expression as he watched his third and final daughter walk down the stairs for the last time as a McCoy. Shots like this are what I live for. I did mention it was his third and final daughter but not his final wedding. This is a personal jab to a good friend of mine Chris. Chris is Mara’s brother and he needs to get on it already! That being said I’ve known Mara for quite some time, she’s one of only clients/friends I let call me “Joey”. Let me just say again Mara, you looked stunning and I’m glad we got to capture your and Matt’s big day!


I mentioned gown#1 above.. Mara had two.

Wow! Makeup Flawless by Tina

As I said above, I live for images like this.

Mara, stunning. Her bouquet was just beautiful too, Kris Ann did a great job on it.

A quick shot of the guys…

Love it.

Mara’s brother Chris doing his reading. Sorry ladies, he’s not available.

Oh yeah!

Don’t sleep on the entrance of SNGC.

Isn’t she beautiful?

Constantly using new locations at Saratoga National.

I do very much love this shot.

Might be one of my fav from the dress #1 series.

The room by Fleurtacious Designs.

Kris Ann bought these candle things for our wedding. They are so awesome.

Dress #2 and a first dance.

The best thing about Saratoga National is the fact that I can get these kick ass silhouette’s.

Seriously how awesome is this?

My favorite time of day right here. The light is so soft and awesome.

I’m crazy about the colors in the next three

I would say this is classic Elario style at Saratoga National.

My facebook teaser image.

So content.

I’ll end with this… Congrats!

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  1. OMG REMARKABLE PHOTOS!! Everybody looks georgous!!! it was a blast getting everyone ready! Hey Joe…..where my shout out to A & Co in your blog?? Ill hook you up with credits too, ya know:):):) Mara, you were one amazing looking bride!!

  2. JP, your are killing me with those black & whites of these two in the field. And by the way Matt… I didn’t actually kick over your drink. I drank it, then acted like I accidentally kicked it over. Nice move huh! Had a great time at your event, late night dancing was just down right nutty!

  3. Love the colors, the decor, everything. TWO dresses – that’s pretty awesome. Both Mara and Matt look wonderful, as do their bridal party – I LOVE the sunset shots with the silhouettes. So incredible, crazy color. And all the field shots never get old – always a new twist. My fave is matt watching his bride walk towards him. So awesome.

    Another spectacular wedding by you two!!! Love it! 🙂


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