maria & kevin: glen sanders mansion

What up blog watchers? As I promised here are some photos from Maria & Kevin’s wedding. This wedding was a prefect end to a great weekend. Their wedding ceremony was held at St Sophia Greek Orthodox Church, it’s not often we get to work in a Greek Church so I wanted to show a lot of images from the ceremony. We had some daylight left by the time we got up to Glen Sanders so we quickly banged out the formal photos and then had some fun with Maria, Kevin and the last minutes of daylight. The light was actually really beautiful, it always is late in the day at Glen Sanders. The party started out on a high note with quite a first dance preformed by Maria & Kevin. The guests were really into it and applauded their every move, well done guys.

Thanks for having us photograph your wedding. Enjoy, leave love-


The bling bling.

Alayne from Make Me Fabulous putting some final touches on this young lady.








This technique in the industry is called “Uncle Bob’s Flash”. It’s when we take a picture and a wedding guest helps backlight/sidelight it for us. I really like how this one turned out.




See what I mean about that daylight?




I love these next 3…


It’s not Miami folks, its Scotia NY.




Great dip!


dolla dolla bill ya’ll

next one

jill & chris: the state room