maribeth + michael = brandon

Back in November of 2008 we shot Maribeth & Michaels wedding.. Wow that seems like light years ago to me. Keep in mind, we have shot over 70 weddings since theirs. Wow! Anyway they paid us the ultimate compliment by having me capture their little man Brandon. They both live out of town and even came back here for this photo session. How awesome is that? Oh and since its “dog week” over here at JEP I must give a shout out to their small dog Molly.. Got slobber? Anyway, it was great seeing you guys again. Congrats on your new addition, he’s an adorable little dude. On with the photos..


November 8, 2008.. the wedding.

The fam! Looking good!

Molly is such a beautiful dog, really big too!

I like the look on little Brandon here. What a cute little dude.

with Mom & Dad..

One of my favs..

All this color is just wonderful.

Look at the eyes!

I love this shot.

There’s a smile!

One more of the fam.. thanks guys! Great to see you!

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