maribeth & michael: saratoga national

Here we are on the final lap in mid November, we have just 4 weddings to go for the remainder of our extremely busy 2008 season. That being said the weddings are still turning out as great as they started back in January of 08. With the days getting shorter and the colors starting to disappear, this time of year we push ourselves a little harder to get great images. This is the time of year that I feel if we come out with great images then we can pretty much concur anything. It’s a fun part of the season for us since we get to push ourselves a little harder and really get creative. This wedding here is an example of what I mentioned above.

It was back in January when Maribeth and Michael stopped by our table at the Glen Sanders Bridal show. All I remember is this little bride to be running back and forth between our spot and Glen Sanders to check availability on both ends. They were not only juggling dates but other GS properties. So they decided on Saratoga National and us on that very day! This is extremely flattering when a bride & groom hires us based on our availability. We’re both humbled by this.

So the day was a little wet and monochromatic to start out, I think it could have been a blizzard and it wouldn’t have changed the mood these two had from the start. We showed up at the hotel and got to document a pretty sweet gift Maribeth gave Michael (brides to be take notes), a beautiful time piece by Cartier. Every man should rock a nice time piece and Maribeth picked a winner here. The funny thing is when we walked up to Maribeth’s room there was a Cartier box waiting for her from Michael, it was the love bracelet. All I know is these two have great taste across the board. The ceremony was beautiful and intimate and the party was a fun time for sure. DJ Paul Malo had that dance floor in full motion all night. We also had the pleasure to shoot along side our friends John DaBiere & Diane from Video Craft. Thanks for having us document your day and congrats.

Enjoy, leave love –

Here are two little series of Maribeth & Michael opening that red box.
















The room looking good, all floral work done by Experience.


I like this ring shot.


So funny…




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