marie & chris “fall” in love in lake george

If you read the comments I get on my blog posts you might be thinking the name Marie sounds familiar and you’re right. Marie is one of our biggest fans. She’s always leaving love. I call her a Mona in the making too. Just so you all know Marie has been leaving love long before she put a ring on it. I think it was a year ago when I first met Marie, she was working at Saratoga National. Big Joe and I had a weeknight job there and as we were entering she was like “hi JP I’m Marie Fuda”. Since I moderate all my blog comments I knew immediately who she was. It wasn’t till many blog comments and many months later until I’d see Marie again.  It was June 13, 2010 and we were shooting a wedding at Saratoga National (surprise surprise).  As we were photographing the guys outdoors I felt these people watching us under the car port thing. Once we had a second she said hi. Only this time Marie wasn’t working. She had the infamous “I’m getting married” book in hand. I have a radar for newly engaged women 😉 I was like “you’re engaged huh?” Then I said “well, gimme a bling shot will ya?” After I took the shot I said  something like “let me know when you wanna make that an official bling shot.” Before I knew it Marie and Chris were sitting in this very office I’m blogging from right now and we were on like donkey kong for May 7th 2011…

I quickly upped this shot to Maries facebook page which then I instantly received the email saying “Marie Fuda made your photo her profile picture.” I love that email. Especially when I go check and see that my logo has not been cropped! 😉 One of my pet peeves. No worries Marie kept the “E” in there.

Onto September 29, 2010… We flip flopped on dates for a little bit trying to lock down a date where I was available and the weather wasn’t an issue. Fortunately Marie was able to move things around and I had the go ahead to head on up to Lake George for a killer engagement session. This is the part where I mention Chris. Poor Chris this whole posts been all about Marie so far. Chris is just a great guy who’s always smiling. I could tell how crazy he is about his lady about 2 minutes into the shoot. Why Lake George? Well, a few years ago right in the “fall” they had their first date in Lake George. Sometimes my blog titles are so clever lol.. Anyway they walked the strip, hit the arcade and unfortunately watched a baseball game involving a team I cannot mention on this blog. Lets just say after Sunday this team gets the rest of the year off 😉 So Marie wanted a different location and we established this idea back in early August I think. Needless to say it was a wonderful location and I very much enjoyed shooting there. I could go on and on but I have a wedding to shoot today so I’m going to shut up and start adding photos to this post. Marie and Chris, thanks for the good time! Love these images…


Setting things off with a pop of color..

and a little love.

I asked them to sit. Chris sit down first. I saw this and I liked Marie standing for one..

I love some b&w..

So relaxed..

I love these “beach” shots.. 😉

Hey now!

everything just jives. the clothing, the color, the light & the couple.

Marie has those eyes that pull ya right in.

Look at that color!

It was really beautiful in Lake George.

He just did that. I didn’t ask..

We had to stop in the arcade for a couple since they were there on that first date

I’m the man at skee ball.. I have it on my iPhone lol..

BOOM! We’re kicking it up a notch with my facebook teaser. I love everything about this. I knew when I was shooting here I was going to tease this one.

This was real fun too..

It was so quiet up there. We had the whole place to ourselves..

I told Marie to hang her legs off.. the water was a little high or her legs are really long.


This duck begged me to be on the blog.

Oh man I love this!!

I couldn’t decide if I liked b&w…

or color..


how sweet is that background?

Just beautiful.

crazy about this image too.

Ah the “Elario configuration”

and here is the official “bling shot”

next one

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