Whats up people? We are officially in full swing over here. Who better to set off the month of May than Marie & Chris? Thats right, you might remember them from this Lake George Engagement session. If you’re new to the blog I encourage you to have a look and read that post first.

To say Marie was one of the most enthusiastic Elario brides of all time would be an understatement. The excitement started back in June last year when I first found out she was engaged. She pretty much kept that “I’m getting married” glow on throughout the whole process. Then there’s Chris. What a great dude. Chris is for sure a go with the flow kinda guy who never stops smiling. You’ll see, he was a super happy groom who was on cloud nine all day. Shoot, they both really were on cloud nine! How could you not be with the wedding they had? It was awesome. Marie and Chris picked the bomb videographer, Al Woodard. Not only did he rock a same day edit for cocktail hour, he already has a sweet blog post / sneak peek on his site right now. Have a look. Angelo Mazzone and company totally rocked the food. I mean there were crazy amounts of food and dessert. The music? Our good friend and great DJ, Mike Garrasi. He’s got a brand new website so go check it out. So if all this awesomeness isn’t enough my new friend Mr Fuda surprised Marie and Chris with a spectacular fireworks display as soon as the cake was cut. They were AWESOME! I also want to thank Mr Fuda for the shout out in his second speech of the evening. At one point of his speech he thanked all vendors involved but my man gave me one hell of a shout out, or should I say roast? 😉 It was a great wedding but we all knew it would be right? Marie and Chris, thank you so much for all the love and for being such big Elario supporters! We love ya back. Enjoy the honeymoon!


I just wanted to share a shot from their fall engagement session..

Some bling to set it off.

the gown..

Oh hey Marie.. you look wonderful.

I like this one..

Mr Fuda waits to see his first of 3 girls as a bride.

She was so happy!

Meanwhile at the church..

Chris looking fly.. How about the timepiece Marie got for him? Not too shabby! Well done Marie.

A proud father waits for the doors to open.

love it.

I like this series..

Mr & Mrs.. so excited!

The ladies..

That is a large bridal party. 24 peeps in this shot!

Oh look at her working it here..

Ahh b&w’s..

too cute.

It was really hard for these two not to smile. They were soooo happy all day!

I really like this one..

but the one I teased on my facebook remains my fav.

A little configuration..

Marie’s first bling shot.. June 13, 2010

the second.. Sept 29, 2010

and now the 3rd!

Saratoga National… looking sweet!

They made an entrance and the party began at level 10..

A cute little series from their first dance..

I really like this one..

Still smiling..

Saratoga National put this awesome lighting into their reflecting pool. Pretty awesome huh?

A fun party image!

And we’ll end with the awesome firwork display. Congrats!!

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  1. Big Joe and JP…You guys ROCK! I was completely blown away by the pics but not at all surprised by the quality. You guys are true gentlemen and professionals. Thank you for captuing the best day of my life…I bet you could tell by my constant smiling that I was truly happy!:) I’m sure we’ll get the chance to work together again in the future…Don’t you guys do baby & family shots?;) I may get in trouble for that one being married only 2 weeks…hahaha! Thanks again!

  2. JP…You guys ROCK! I was absolutely blown away by the pics from our wedding. We had such an awesome day and I’m glad you and your dad could be a part of it. Everything went perfectly! And I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much in my life…My face was hurting by the end of the night! It definitely was the best day of my life, but I’m sure you could tell that by the pics. Thanks again for doing such a great job and I’m sure it won’t be the last time we work together!;)

  3. Amazing photos!! I can picture you both looking at this album 50 years from now. Once again, an incredible night that many people will remember for a long time.

  4. Yay yay yay!! I am so excited to have my very own Jp Elario Bride blog!! Everything was wonderful!!! These images are only the begining the hundreds of pictures you sent me are amazing!!! Now the work begins to pick the album shots!!! Thanks so much JP and Big Joe! We had a blast!! You guys were great to work with!! Thanks everyone for the well wishes and copliments!!

  5. MARIE!!! My apologies for the delay. You deserve a huge comment and here it comes. I. Love. Everything. About. This. Post.
    Where can I start? Ok, I’m going to start with something I don’t normally start with – the groom. CHRIS, you were easily the happiest groom I’ve ever seen in a post. There wasn’t a moment where your smile was anything less than a mile wide – pure joy. That just made me (and I’m sure everyone) smile too. The one of you two walking down the aisle together is just awesome all around.
    Now, MARIE. You look beautiful. Absolute perfection here. Your dress, your hair, everything… you look so elegant and happy. Head to toe. You guys both look so so happy in every picture, the love is so strong in these pics. 🙂
    I love the bridesmaid dresses, and I also love that you had the two ladies in white (cream) with the sashes. I haven’t seen that in a lot of blogs and I think that was such a beautiful touch.

    The shots on the bridge are among my favorite – with Chris spinning you and you two sitting. So classic.

    Church shots, everything… so amazing. And JP, nice work getting ALL of Marie’s (and Chris’) bling shots. I love this shot. From one blogstalker to another, Marie, a BIG congratulations!!!!!! 🙂 Wishing you many many years of love and happiness!

    Elario men – love this. Awesome as always.

  6. WOW…love the fireworks..the bling shots…the HAPPINESS of the gorgeous couple… this blog was definitely worth the wait 😉 congrats to marie and chris!!!
    love the dad and daughter shot walking up the aisle… then the Mr. and Mrs. Shot… Love the blog. 🙂

  7. Awesome wedding and pictures, photography has come a long way since me and Marianne got married 13 years ago. Definately the 2011 place to be in May thanks Eastmans

  8. Sono veramente belle…. complimenti!!
    i vestiti stupendi sia degli sposi ke delle damigelle e testimoni!!!
    un bacio

  9. so beautiful! the tent looked amazing and you were a gorgeous bride, marie! congratulations!

  10. All I can say is, “Wow!” Can I say that again? “WOW!!!!” Marie, you looked stunning and the day looked picture perfect! Congratulations!

  11. yay! great pics! there is something about the touching foreheads on the altar pic that I absolutely love. congrats marie and chris! your happiness and love for each other jumps out of each shot!

  12. YAY! its uppp!! They look fantastic! All of the shots are beautiful! Marie is going to love it!!! You are one heck of a photographer, and I do believe my Uncle gave you the shout out you did so deserve. They were right, we are all going to remember that she had the best photographer, bc these are where all of our memories are documented! SPECTACULAR, JP!!