Ok the wait is over. I know I know, I’m blogging this a little late in the week but I had a busy week over here so cut me some slack 😉 I promise the images below will be worth the wait. With a couple as good looking as these two it wasn’t easy to choose. Let’s just say I had a lot of favorites in this bunch!

April 30th 2011.. Not only was it a royal wedding weekend, Marie & Steve’s wedding it was also Big Joe’s bday. I think he turned 30 something 😉 But back to the royal wedding, Kate Middleton had nothing on Marie Gennone (now Lucarelli) in my opinion. We showed up where Marie was getting beautified by make up artist Polina Geseleva and I saw simply a stunning young lady sitting in the chair just looking wonderful. Makeup artist Erin Marzilli was also on the scene making ladies look hot. Marie had this “I don’t like the camera” line she says to me. It was obviously not true because then she got into her gown and turned it on! Seriously she was so fun to photograph, we had a blast! It was time to meet Steve and the boys at the church but since he’s a Albany Fireman we decided to use the old firehouse across the street for some photos. So cool! Once they were married we headed back there with just Marie and Steve for a few. Videographer Cheryl Lighthall of CASL Productions was grinning ear to ear while shooting in the firehouse. We then headed to one of my favorite spots in downtown Albany before it was time to get to Mallozzi’s. It’s been quite some time since we’ve worked there. I was reminded of how much we just love the staff there, not to mention their food is always a home run! Paul Malo was on the 1’s & 2’s (that means dj’n) and made sure the dance floor was packed all night because thats what Paul does. It was a wonderful day and I couldn’t be happier for these two. Marie & Steve, I hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon wherever you are right now and are able to sneak off to a computer to see the images I’m bout to drop right now! Thanks for trusting us! Much love!


Was I wrong? I’ll say it again, a stunning younge lady sitting in a chair just looking wonderful. BOOM!

I just love this detail..

some shoes..

This gown really had some wonderful detail on it..

Oh you fancy huh? Yup.

She’s awesome..

Stunning bride alert!

Marie, you look fab!

Whats up fellas?

Totally relaxed in the on deck circle.

Here comes the bride..

I grew up going to this church as did Big Joe so it’s always fun shooting in there.


Mr & Mrs..

You might remember this teaser image I put on my facebook if we were friends..

It’s hot. Pun intended.

I just love the red.. we all know this right? 😉

Yeah Marie was awesome and put on these boots for one.. I love it!

I believe this whole bridal party is tagged in my teaser image. A lot of last names ending in vowels 😉

b&g portrait time..

ah I like this one.

but i’m crazy about these next 3 b&ws..

This building is amazing. I know I say it every time I blog an image taken here but damn its awesome.

Time to get configured Elario style..

I love these simple portraits..

1st dance..

Typically after the toasts are over a bride and groom gets like 10 seconds before wait staff is setting down there 1st course. This usually happens.. My job is about anticipating the inevitable moments.

This is one of my favorites from the whole day.. so much going on here.

I love when b&gs dance with each other.

I’ll end with this cute ring shot. Congrats guys!

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  1. What Fabulous Shots. Bride looks so gorgeous. Fun and joyful big day celebration. The guys are rocking. The bride and groom photo captures are Awesome. I love the wedding ring………Fantastic. wonderful work. Congratulation.

  2. Ditto what Tara said! I want to get engaged AND married all over again each time a new blog post comes out! 🙂 At least we know that Jp is awesome at baby bump and baby pictures so there still can be more Elario photography in our future even after we get engaged and married!!
    Marie may have said that the she doesn’t like the camera, but the camera definitely likes her! What a beautiful bride!! The three b&w’s are my absolute favorite series in this blog – really sweet moments that were captured. Great job Jp and Big Joe! Congrats Marie and Steve!!

  3. Love, love, love these photos! The light in that firehouse was just incredible. Marie & Steve were just so much fun to be around all day. And Marie may not like the camera, but it certainly loved her. Gorgeous!

  4. OMG I’m in complete amazement of how beautiful the photos turned out! CRAZY!! Yep..I did say I hate the camera but Jp did a great job making me feel comfortable and I had a blast taking pictures! Jp can’t thank you enough for capturing every moment…I can’t stop looking at the blog!

  5. WOW, Another Stunning blog! love the ring shot!!!! the reception photos are awesome, candids are so fun 🙂 and the b&ws… .wow… can’t compliment you enough!!! congrats to the gorgeous couple!!! 🙂

  6. jo-el-fantatstico 😉
    Great shots there. Brilliant. I love the fire-station shots. Pretty cool ideas. Nice shots of the first dance as well.

    Great work overall.

  7. Great work…loved the shot of them looking back with Fr. Tallman, a great guy, in the middle. The B&W of the groom and BM in the Sacristy another great one and of course he must be a fireman with the trucks in the back drop and John marrying them.

  8. Absolutely stunning. You managed to capture all the emotions during the day. I am at a loss for words…

  9. Omg …. I am speechless… beautiful picutures! You guys are the best at what you do!
    Marie & Steve are such a beautiful couple……and you & your father are amazing photographers! You captured every magical moment of that wonderful day! Thank you Marie and Steve for asking Patsy and I to be part of your special day…love you both!

  10. Marie & Steve . . a delight to work with , Thank you for going with ,Elario Photo, Inc.
    Note: my old neighbor-hood St James & as a child visiting “the firehouse”

  11. We know you had computer troubles, you still got these out in a flash. Awesomeness. 🙂

    Marie and Steve… aren’t you two just a beautiful brown eyed couple!!! Love the depth of both your guys’ eyes. Marie – you don’t like the camera??? Puh-leeeze!!! That first picture with you and your girls I just nearly said that out loud. Every picture is as flattering as the next.

    Firetruck? Great touch. 🙂 Looks like it was a beautiful day. The configuration was particularly sweet too. 🙂 All in all, lots of love and good feelings on this one. Congratulations!!

    Big Joe and JP – as always I tip my figurative hat 🙂

  12. What a gorgeous couple!! This blog was well worth the wait! Amazing job jp and big Joe! 🙂

  13. Absolutely amazing!!! Marie, you and your bridal party were so wonderful to work with, thank you for letting me be a part of your special day. Congratulations to you and Steve! You look stunning! JP and Big Joe, you guys really captured how beautiful Marie is.

  14. Omg….I am speechless….absolutely amazing! You guys are the best at what you do! Marie and Steve are such a beautiful couple and you captured every wonderful minute of that day! Thank you to Marie and Steve for having Patsy & I be part of your special day….love you guys!

  15. Everytime I see your work, I want to get married all over again. But, the next best thing is that you’re shooting my sister’s wedding. So excited.

  16. You knew I’d be first right 😉 I LOVE all these pictures and of course the bride and groom!!!!! Thank you Steve and Marie for letting me part of this amazing day and thank you to JP and Big Joe for capturing all of these great moments…MUAH!!!!!