Oh boy! Let’s all take our seats. I got a little crazy selecting images for Marisa and Chris’ blog post! There was just a lot of photogenic goodness happening on November 4th 2011. I must say I’ve been looking forward to getting these two back in front of the camera since they smoked it on their engagement session this past summer. I know you remember that! It was only one of my top posts this year in terms of views and comments oh and the shoot was the bomb! Let’s see how that wedding was..

The day started on a super high! It was chilly but it was sunny and I was ready to knock this one out the park. I had no worries on timelines or none of that stuff because Christine Wheat was on the scene. I have to tell you brides and grooms, its much easier when we don’t have to play wedding planner for the day and can just do our creative thang! You all should have coordination! Its worth it and I’ll bet my 200mm 1.8L every couple who has hired a wedding coordinator would agree its money well spent! Ok I’m done. Getting back to the day, Marisa and her girls had the tunes bumping in suite 627 in the Hampton Inn. I looked at Big Joe before I knocked on the door and said “do I hear bass? like actual bass bumping?”. Word, there was no hotel alarm clock but a Bose sound dock (I meant for that to rhyme! Actually I really didn’t). The tunes made for some great getting ready music and the energy was there! Down the hall in 620 was Chris and the fella’s because of his proximity to Marisa we were able to bounce back and forth to both rooms. After Marisa was dressed Big Joe and I headed to Congress Park to meet up with their surprise videographer non other than Al Woodard. Al dubs was a gift for Marisa and Chris at their bridal shower, seriously he popped out the box and all! Nah I’m playing! Chris and the guys were in the park as well. Then the star of the show arrived for her first look! It was wonderful. After fighting off the hungry ducks, who should migrate already (do ducks migrate?) we breezed thru the group photos and had mad time with our bride and groom. The park had a lot of color still hanging around and that was kind of surprising for early November but I’ll take it! After we knocked it out the Congress Park with Marisa and Chris it was off to St Mary’s in Ballston Spa for their ceremony. Then back at the Canfield Casino the staff from Mansion Catering was ready and waiting for the arrival of the newlyweds. The decor was popping thanks to Jolene K Design. The New York Players were in the house as well which means you know its going to be a jump off! Last but not least was the Elario Photo Booth which was a late addition by Marisa and Chris! I’m sure they’re super happy that they have an additional 670 images of their friends and family living it up! Thanks to Hayden for holding it DOWN and capturing all the funny people!

Marisa and Chris, I can’t thank you both enough for trusting us at Elario Photography Inc. I had truly had a wonderful time getting to know you over the past year. The engagement session was off the chain. You’re both off the chain and awesome people. That ish cray! TM! Lock it down and keep smiling at each other. Mad love.


Before you jump into the wedding post be sure to peep their engagement session because its one of my favorites and the location is sick!

ok lets set it off with some details..

digging the heels!

Peacock what? Word. Minutes before I took this shot Marisa thought she was only getting one wedding ring but Chris surprised her with another. Why not?

Marisa’s hair was done by her cousin and bridesmaid Amber from Karizma in Schenectady.

The makeup by Kelsey from Panache in Clifton Park.

meanwhile over in suite 620..

All the bridesmaids and Mom enjoying a laugh..

She’s so pretty but we’ll get back to her in a minute..

I like the suits and ties fellas.. nice touch.


Looking good, Chris.

When I was in this position at my first look all I could think was “I wonder what the dress looks like?”


A fun little series from their first look.

It was colder than it looks.. thanks to everyone for being awesome and hanging outside!

Some pretty flowers by Jolene K Design

The beautiful ladies..

working it..

Marisa is a master at the lookaway

One more..

I’ll remind you this is the girl who claims she doesn’t take a good picture…. whatever!

one more 😉

Yellow is my favorite color!

seriously the color for November was popping!

I put this one in because its a typical Marisa smirk..

A little Elario configuration..

Nice light, check. Awesome color, check.

love it.

What are the odds we get the same car two weeks in a row considering the owner was a guest at both weddings? Thanks Nick!


Again, the color was freaking awesome.

My facebook teaser.. loving it..

One more of our beautiful bride.

Loving these b&ws…

whats so funny?

Ok one more. I think I was stressing out Christine Wheat’s girl Erin here because she was like “we have to get to the church” but I couldn’t stop shooting!!

Sy Mary’s Ballston Spa..

Chris, on deck.

Marisa and Dad, on deck..

Instead of showing their first kiss I thought the moment just after was more interesting to me.. I just like it.

Mr & Mrs…

Back at the Canfield Casino.. I grabbed one on their way in..

Cocktail hour..

The ballroom..

Loving the peacock feathers..

Their entrance was great!

I love when during the first dance all the guests are standing around watching…


The New York Players were on level 10 all night long!

The lookaway… I was happy to see this backdrop gypsy out again. I think its awesome!



What a cute couple.. they were having a blast in their pics..

Blog stalkers!

Just about to rock the limbo..

Who could forget the star of the photo booth?

But these two were definitely prom king and queen of the Elario Photo Booth! BOOM! That ish cray! Congrats you two!!!!!!!!

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  1. I’m playing catch up too Mona!! 🙂 And I just have to say, Marisa and Chris are going to have a hard time choosing images for their album (not that any elario b&g has an easy time, with so many awesome images to choose from!) But seriously, the shots of them before the wedding are amazing! Each one is a new favorite of mine! Loving the gypsy photobooth backdrop too! 🙂

  2. My daughter was a gorgeous bride – the groom – very handsome! The whole day went just as expected. Thanks to Christine, JP, the awesome NY Players, and Mazzone Catering! Hope everyone had a great time!

  3. Again – I don’t know how you do it, but you do, every time !! These are all so incredible ! I’ll have to agree with Christine – that second car shot is CRAY !! The car, our positioning, the background – I LOVE it all ! And while we’re on the topic of Christine, JP you are totally right, we would hire her again and again and again – the day ran perfectly and it was all thanks to her and her team ! But all of our vendors were on their ‘A game’ ! We had a truly remarkable day and are so thrilled that The Elario’s were there to capture it all !
    ~TM OUT !~

  4. great pictures! the peacock feathers are so different– what a great idea! love the pic of them laughing in front of the cement wall

  5. Boy was I anxious to see these!! LOVE LOVE LOVE. Absolutely stunning! It doesn’t look like it was cold outside in Congress Park but boy it was–and Marisa and Chris were out there FOREVER!! Not like you’d know because they still look amazing! Loving the b&w’s and the rolls pics as well! Amazing amazing! This wedding was CRAY! Let’s do it again! 🙂

  6. fan-freakin-tastic!!! love the rings on the peacock feathers…gorgeous… love the bride and groom getting ready shots…love the details..the colors…thank God fall was still cooperating for ya at the park! those colorful leaves just ..wow. Marisa, YOU ARE GORGEOUS!! and awesome job on the lookaway!!!! hahaha that’s great. love the photo booth shots, so fun! the dad and daughter shot was emotional, love it. another stellar job, JP!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Marisa needs to go into modeling. PERIOD. She is BEAUTIFUL!!! This was the most amazing wedding ever, and what made it amazing is the fact that it was beginning to end DANCE PARTY and HOTNESS!! Amazing pictures!!

  8. IN LOVE !!!! the pics are just AMAZING! You are just a gorgeous couple inside and out! I had such a great time running the booth I’m so happy you decided to add it on! THANK YOU!!! It was a special night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOX oh Marisa, you are one of the most photogenic people EVER! You can’t take a bad photo!


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