Oh boy! This one is just off the damn chain right here. Seriously I put this in my top five of all time. Why do I love it so much? Well for starters it’s a unique location. I always ask my couples to pick out their engagement shoot locations. When Marisa told me she was thinking about having the engagement session at The Historic Barns of Nipmoose I was down! I heard of the place and what not but never been there. I instantly fell in love. I can’t wait to shoot a wedding at this place. It blows any off site rustic location I’ve ever worked at out of the water. The lighting there is really a photographers dream. I don’t know what you engaged brides are waiting for but this place is definitely worth a look! So thats one reason why I love this shoot so much. I also love the uniqueness of the props you’ll see. I think props rock! As I mentioned the lighting was really incredible. Really, really incredible. But last and not least the couple. I never met Marisa and Chris until minutes before I started shooting. These guys are awesome! They are really fun people and I felt like we were old friends by the end of the session. Shoot I feel like that with all my clients! You guys are all so damn awesome! Back to Marisa and Chris, can we just bring up the photogenic factor? Yeah Marisa is the girl who says to me something like “I take a real bad picture, so good luck.” Yeah freaking right! How about Chris ladies? Wait till you see this cat in his wedding day threads, he’s gonna bring it. I know it. But in all seriousness, I can’t wait to shoot your wedding on November 4th 2011! I’m so stoked we did an engagement session and I have confidence you’ll feel the same. I’ll shut up now and get to the images.


Meet Marisa and Chris.. we’ll start out nice and easy here.

I thought the lighting was good at this spot but wait till you see how it looks a little later..

The barns are just awesome backdrops.

I like this one..

This is the Scottish Barn, originally built in the mid to late 1700’s.. I believe this is their largest barn and can be used for wedding receptions.

We’ll get into outfit number two here. Marisa picked these old books because each has a meaning to them.

The other two barns.. The left is the German Barn. The little one is the Corn Crib.

I love this whole series on the quilt…

I just love the whole mood about these.

Go on, cuddle a little bit..

Love it.

Love this one too!

The Aspen Grove is incredible. (I thought they were birch trees too)

It was a breezy night but the light came out at the right times..

How beautiful is she? Marisa’s makeup was done by Sue at Make Me Fabulous and her hair by her cousin (sorry I didn’t catch her name maybe Marisa can leave it in the comment box).

Ah the configuration..

love it.

Yo check out my corn crib son!

Watch out now! Wardrobe #3. I love how their clothes compliment this place so perfectly.

so fun.

Then the light came back out. It’s amazing how a little bit of natural light can change the mood.

Oh come on now… this was too easy..

And she thinks she doesn’t take a good picture. It’s not me Marisa, its you.

the eyes suck you right in.

Laughing at my bad jokes..

hahah this makes me laugh..

Oh the light.

When it comes to picking teaser images it’s always tough. I guessed that this one would be the one and I was right. It got crazy love on my facebook and Marisa told me her phone blew up before the image was even up for 30 minutes. I love everything about this image. It’s going on our walls here. Talk about butter light..

This was the last of the light..

Then it got softer as we winded down.. You think us photographers plan this 😉 I do love this series btw.

I love this, I love the barns and how awesome of a backdrop they make!

Oh yeah.. whats an Elario engagement session with out my “bling shot”?

Word… one more.

Ok one more.. I love Chris’ face haha! See you guys in November! Thanks for being the bomb! Thanks again to Nipmoose for having us! Nipmoose in the house!!

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  1. Ok so it’s been a late one for me, but you know I have an excuse (don’t start with me jp 😉 )
    So I have to say, I think this is my fave e-session thus far. I love everything about it. The setting is awesome. The couple – beautiful (all your couples are, but you know… seriously!), the outfits. They all complement the surroundings so so well. So ok let me start with one of the shots on the blanket. Does that not look like it could be from a Jcrew ad (the last one where they are propped up still). The props are great, and have a fun but natural look.
    I love all the outfits, but #2 and #3 are awesome. The last one, the neutrals, were so awesome with the light. Seriously, that beautiful light and the dark blue, almost stormy-threatening background… just awesome. It goes without saying how amazing the teaser is (but I’ll say it anyways, it’s amazing). I love the golden light peeking through, just turns the place this amber color (almost like the way saunas look). It’s perfect. So beautiful. And Marisa, yea I’m calling BS on the whole “I-don’t-photograph-well” bit. Lies, all lies!!! You both look incredible in every shot, so comfortable and easy.
    The trees (yea I would’ve thought birch too), awesome. I love all the textures, the trees, the barn sides. Really, this is such a great spot. How did they find out about the place???

    And of course, my fave is the double-shoulder-BG-Elario configuration at the end. 🙂 Awesome. 🙂 Cannot wait for this in November. It is so fabulous already, I cannot imagine the images you are going to come home with after that. 🙂


  2. I got three calls ahout this blog and I don’t even know the couple haha. Great shots. Marisa you are crazy if you think you take bad pictures. Great shots JP- love the Corn Crib shot and the one of Marisa biting her lip! Amazing. Can’t wait to see the wedding shots. One of JPs all time favs – thats quite the compliment. Congrats guys!

  3. LOVVVVEEE them. They all came out amazing! Can’t wait until 11.4.11!!! See ya there!

  4. Wow. That place and those shots are amazing. I’m sure I’ve been by there and never noticed. Marisa and Chris look fantastic in every shot – can’t wait to see their wedding post. JP – I think you just did a world of good for Nipmoose with that post. 🙂

  5. The pictures are amazing and I think Marissa should be styling all of your eng shoots from now on. The clothing is perfect.

  6. Your pictures are alsways amazing but these are Ahhh-mazing. LOVE the pictures on the quilt. Great job. Of course a beautiful couple always makes your job easier 😉

  7. Just got home and looked at the photos! They’re more beautiful than I imagined. I guess it’s a combination of both of your good looks and JP’s amazing skills. Looking forward to 11/4. Love you both, Mom.

  8. remember , blog stalkers where JP learned all this from . . . ! ( kidding -of course ) This work is showcase quality , makes a dad very proud. Handsome -Handsome couple , thanks for going with “Elario Photo, Inc. ” in 2011.

  9. WOW! AWESOME LIGHTING , PHOTOGRAPHY (obvy) AND MODELS!! I love everything about this post!! nice work per usual JP!

  10. woooooowwwww! I LOVE this eshoot. the setting is perfect and marisa and chris are soooo photogenic. the barns are obviously awesome but the books and props are so cool too. I love all the shots on the blankets with the books and marisa’s scarf is lovely. nice job jp! love this location, i hope you have a wedding there soon 🙂

  11. jp these are too dope!!! honest i would love for you to give your editing routine cos the grade on these shots are Ridiculous!!!!!

  12. FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!! love this couple, and OMG those barns… I’m going to have find out where that is and take a road trip. wow. beautiful couple, Marisa you’re too modest!!! great job as usual JP!!! I love the props, very sweet touches. and the outfits. wonderful wardrobe. 🙂

  13. Beautiful pictures complete with props…I expected nothing less of Marisa. I spoke to her the day before you posted these and she was all nervous b/c “she’s not photogenic”. I mean, could that be any farther from the truth?! I love you guys and can’t wait to celebrate in November!!

  14. Yo… who is this couple? I so wish I could be a part of this wedding day. Oh Well, guess I’ll just rake some leaves that day. Woe is me.

  15. Oh and my hair was blown out by Amber the owner of Karizma Hair Studio – (518) 356-0800

  16. JP – Cannot say enough about how AMAZING these pictures are ! LOVE.LOVE.LOVE I don’t know how you do it, but in each post your pictures are incredible ! Maaaybe we helped with these pictures a little bit, but your skills are what made them so wonderful !! We cannot wait for 11/4/11 – wouldn’t want anyone else taking our pictures on that day !!
    *just ’cause you didn’t — titmouse*

  17. So pretty much every single one of these pictures is facebook-teaser worthy!!! Jp, where do you get these brides??? Marisa and Chris are like models!! The outfits match perfectly together and with the location, the light is AMAZING, Marisa and Chris could not look more happier and in love (and Marisa is totally photogenic!), and this is probably the best location you’ve done an e-shoot (besides Kinderhook, but I’m biased – haha!) Looking forward to seeing their wedding blog later this year! Jp, this might be my favorite e-shoot you’ve done this year!

  18. WOW!! These pictures are awesoommmme! You guys look so amazing, like out of magazine! The colors, the location, THE BLING! Iknow you wanted me to be apart of the photo shoot – sorry I couldn’t make it that day.

  19. WOW…where do I even begin??? We now know Marisa is THE most beautiful girl to hit your blog. I’ve never seen Marisa look so beautiful! I can’t even imagine what her pictures will look like on her wedding day! Marisa and Chris looked so natural in all of these shots, their outfits complimented the beautiful scenery amazingly! My favorite has to be the cuddle pictures, i love how they fit together!! Second favorite, is definitely the last one with all of three of you, get ready for lots of these on the November 4th, Marisa and I LOVE pictures! Congratulations on a beautiful shoot Marisa and Chris, I can’t wait to share in your special day.