marisa & chris: historic barns engagement session

Oh boy! This one is just off the damn chain right here. Seriously I put this in my top five of all time. Why do I love it so much? Well for starters it’s a unique location. I always ask my couples to pick out their engagement shoot locations. When Marisa told me she was thinking about having the engagement session at The Historic Barns of Nipmoose I was down! I heard of the place and what not but never been there. I instantly fell in love. I can’t wait to shoot a wedding at this place. It blows any off site rustic location I’ve ever worked at out of the water. The lighting there is really a photographers dream. I don’t know what you engaged brides are waiting for but this place is definitely worth a look! So thats one reason why I love this shoot so much. I also love the uniqueness of the props you’ll see. I think props rock! As I mentioned the lighting was really incredible. Really, really incredible. But last and not least the couple. I never met Marisa and Chris until minutes before I started shooting. These guys are awesome! They are really fun people and I felt like we were old friends by the end of the session. Shoot I feel like that with all my clients! You guys are all so damn awesome! Back to Marisa and Chris, can we just bring up the photogenic factor? Yeah Marisa is the girl who says to me something like “I take a real bad picture, so good luck.” Yeah freaking right! How about Chris ladies? Wait till you see this cat in his wedding day threads, he’s gonna bring it. I know it. But in all seriousness, I can’t wait to shoot your wedding on November 4th 2011! I’m so stoked we did an engagement session and I have confidence you’ll feel the same. I’ll shut up now and get to the images.


Meet Marisa and Chris.. we’ll start out nice and easy here.

I thought the lighting was good at this spot but wait till you see how it looks a little later..

The barns are just awesome backdrops.

I like this one..

This is the Scottish Barn, originally built in the mid to late 1700’s.. I believe this is their largest barn and can be used for wedding receptions.

We’ll get into outfit number two here. Marisa picked these old books because each has a meaning to them.

The other two barns.. The left is the German Barn. The little one is the Corn Crib.

I love this whole series on the quilt…

I just love the whole mood about these.

Go on, cuddle a little bit..

Love it.

Love this one too!

The Aspen Grove is incredible. (I thought they were birch trees too)

It was a breezy night but the light came out at the right times..

How beautiful is she?Β Marisa’s makeup was done by Sue at Make Me Fabulous and her hair by her cousin (sorry I didn’t catch her name maybe Marisa can leave it in the comment box).

Ah the configuration..

love it.

Yo check out my corn crib son!

Watch out now! Wardrobe #3. I love how their clothes compliment this place so perfectly.

so fun.

Then the light came back out. It’s amazing how a little bit of natural light can change the mood.

Oh come on now… this was too easy..

And she thinks she doesn’t take a good picture. It’s not me Marisa, its you.

the eyes suck you right in.

Laughing at my bad jokes..

hahah this makes me laugh..

Oh the light.

When it comes to picking teaser images it’s always tough. I guessed that this one would be the one and I was right. It got crazy love on my facebook and Marisa told me her phone blew up before the image was even up for 30 minutes. I love everything about this image. It’s going on our walls here. Talk about butter light..

This was the last of the light..

Then it got softer as we winded down.. You think us photographers plan this πŸ˜‰ I do love this series btw.

I love this, I love the barns and how awesome of a backdrop they make!

Oh yeah.. whats an Elario engagement session with out my “bling shot”?

Word… one more.

Ok one more.. I love Chris’ face haha! See you guys in November! Thanks for being the bomb! Thanks again to Nipmoose for having us! Nipmoose in the house!!

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