Maritza & Andrew’s Saratoga Lake Engagement Photos

I hope you’re all ready for the eye candy I’m about to dish out. I just loved shooting Maritza and Andrew’s engagement photos! Obviously these two brought their a-game for me. We set off the shoot in a little spot I liked around the corner, and then headed back to their house on Saratoga Lake. While the whole session was amazing, the standout images for me most certainly feature the view from their home. I just love the canoe stuff!! I’ve known these two for quite some time now from various weddings and what not. I cannot wait to capture their big day next August. Thank you both for having me! See you soon!


Meet Martiza and Andrew..
Their color choices were great.
Ah I love this kind of light!
That makeup tho.. Flawless by Tina in the house!
Absolutely stunning…
The view from their home.. Waking up to this must be great!
Loving everything about it…
Stella makes her debut on the blog!
don’t rock the boat!
The colors!
And the finale set!
Love it..
and as we always end with my token “bling shot”
and the turnaround..
but wait.. there’s more. I love this!
Maritza brought it with the candles..
and I’ll end with this.. congrats again and see you guys soon!


next one

The Salvioli’s are expecting!