meara emalie: her first year of life

On September 16th 2008 I received this email from a former bride of ours:

Hi Joe,

I have the most beautiful baby who needs to have her picture taken asap!! She will be a week old tomorrow. Do you think we can do some shots this week?


The very next day I went to  Jen & Patrick’s home and we captured Meara at just 7 days old. I told Jen & Patrick about the first year of life thing I’ve done before and they were interested in having Meara captured this way. So the idea is I capture the first week, month 3, 6, 9 & the one year shots. So basically we do this every three months. Before this project started I already had a great relationship with both Jen & Patrick. Jen used to bring me coffee when she’d stop by and pickup random picture orders from their wedding. Over the past year and change I have to say how grateful I am of Jen & Patrick and all their business with us since 2005. Really guys, we both thank you so much! So the next 24 images are a study of the beautiful little Miss Meara Emalie so sit back and relax and have fun looking.

Enjoy, leave love,

One of our iconic shots from Jen & Patrick’s 2005 wedding:

This is obviously my favorite image from week 1. She looks still but she was squirming all over when we were trying to capture this.

So small.

The photo shoot tired her out so I didn’t see her for 3 whole months!

We opted for months 3 & 6 in our studio since it was still cold outside… Look who’s holding her head up!

Just a favorite of mine from month 3.

This one just makes me smile. All little girls should be photographed in tutu’s.

Like I said before it was cold during month 3. We shot these late December.

Look who’s 6 months now… she’s now standing a little with some assistance.

The color and tones in this shot is just awesome. Might be my favorite from month 6.

The baby Ugs are classic though.

Mom & Dad…

This sessions is more like somewhere between months 10-11. We met up in the park.

Someones learned some new faces since last time!

I love this one a lot, as does Jen & Patrick.

So cute.

Who’s she more look like?

Every time she smelled that flower she made a funny face… She’s saying bye until the next shoot.

Look who’s excited to see me at just a little over 1 year!

This is one of my all time favs from the whole year.

Shooting her in the park in early October was just too easy.

I wont tell you what I stepped in while shooting these images but lets just say it was worth it for the shots that I got.

So stinking cute.

Isn’t her coat and hat just awesome against the fall foliage?

Until next time Meara Emily… see some more for year 2!

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