meara: spring time washington park

Thats right peeps. It’s that time of year in Albany! That little two week window where the tulips pop up thru out the city. I say you have a two week window since after the Tulip Fest the parks pretty beat up. I’ve been shooting in Washington Park for years now and I can say that right this moment the park is at its peak. This week and early next week is time to take pics in the park and I have some availability if anyone wants to snag up a session. Just email me.

Anyway, you all remember Meara right? Well we were totally due for a Meara session so why not shoot in the park again? I can say with confidence Meara’s mom Jen has been able to take advantage of Washington Park at it’s two most beautiful times of the year, fall & spring. It’s amazing how big little Meara got since last time I saw her. Babies grow so fast! I just love photographing this little one, she’s a ball of fun and happiness. Enough of my jabber, lets look at some pics.


How stinking cute is she? Look at those big eyes!

I love shooting in front of the grape hyacinthe… kris ann told me what it was 😉

So this is funny… some woman insisted on taking my camera and taking a pic of the three of us. I think she thought I was the daddy.

I love these two side by side. Meara and her little baby in hand.  The image on the right is just awesome.

As kids grow they figure out how to be cute and silly… Meara’s new thing is sticking her tongue out.

This is just my number one favorite image from the day. I love the light, color, composition an Meara’s expression.

This image screams spring!

This same area yellow’s up in the fall but the difference in the spring yellow and fall yellow is so distinct. How cute is she by the way?

One thing about Jen is she’s always got Meara styling it up.

My fav steps to shoot on.

Look at those mini chucks! There were so many great images from this session. I wish I could have blogged them all! Great seeing you guys again!

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