meara’s back!

Our favorite little girl who might have more blogs than anyone else (including mona) is back! I just love photographing Meara. She is so awesome. If you’re new and have not seen the past Meara images just use my little search function and type in Meara. Or better yet I’ll do it for you.. click me! Anyway here are Meara’s spring photos!!


She always shows up looking all fancy!

We’re like old friends by now. She knows just how to turn it on for the camera.

I like this one a lot..

Doesn’t she have the best big ol brown eyes ever?

I absolutely love this b&w

Oh hey there Miss Sassy-pants!

Too cute..

In the beginning of the shoot Meara told me she was having a baby. I was like oh ok while thinking kids say funny stuff. The Jen (mom) saved this shirt till the end. At that point I put two and two together. Meara is going to be a big sister! Congrats to Jen, Patrick & Meara! I think it’s safe to say to be continued…

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