meet anthony aka santa

Tis the season! Now we’re on with the holiday photo rush. This post is featuring a little handsome 2.5 month old Anthony. Anthony is a ham for the camera and for him being so young I thought he did exceptionally well while I photographed him! He’s just an awesome little guy with really great parents Annalisa & Rich who you can tell absolutely adore him!

I want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Go on and get your turkey on!

Enjoy, leave love,

Those cheeks are just screaming to be pinched!

Love this one with Annalisa. His eyes are pretty awesome right?

Couple solo’s with just Mom & Dad.

I don’t know what one I like more… you tell me your vote in the comment box below.

This is hands down my favorite image from the whole shoot. I’d say this is classic “Elario style”

It wasn’t too cold.

Getting his santa on.

Love this one too!

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