meet baby finn

Every now and then I get lucky enough to photograph an adorable baby. Just this morning I shot this too. Talk about speed blogging huh? Now unfortunately we didn’t shoot Kailin & Jamey’s wedding last year since we were already booked up but her sisters, bridesmaids and Mother were cool enough to surprise Kailin with a gift certificate at her shower. They all said Kailin had alluded to wanting this so I don’t know how much of a surprise it was to her. Finn is just 10 days old, I love photographing babies just days old. He was really easy to photograph because and all my man did was sleep! I love that though, they just look more peaceful. I gotta give props to Kailin though, she looks phenomenal. I go way back with Kailin, we’ve known each other since high school so I’m not surprised at all by her looks 10 days after giving birth. Jamey looks good for just having a baby too πŸ˜‰ Man is he funny. All I did was laugh at him while photographing Finn. All and all, a great way to set off my week! Congrats to the new parents!


Another custom gift certificate by our talented designer Jenny..


I like pairing a shot of a baby with an element from their room..

I love these b&w’s…

Tired little man, I think he was up late with Jamey watching movies or something..

The fam.

He opened his eyes for about 30 seconds..

Then he went back to bed. How funny are his little hands?

Weighing in at..

looks like just over 8lbs.. I teased this one on my facebook. Obviously, its my favorite one.

No offense Jamey, we’re rooting for him to have Kailin’s eyes πŸ˜‰

Another fav..

and another one..

The lion roars in his halloween costume. Congrats guys!

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