meet connor!

I must say its a complete honor when we get asked to capture something again for a past bride and groom! Jess and John were part of the class of 2009 Elario bride and grooms. You can see their wedding here. Anyway after their wedding, they bounced and moved to Texas. Since then Jess has always kept in touch with us and continues to follow the blog. Also since then, Connor arrived! With them being in town for the holidays, I was finally able to capture their family! We can’t thank you guys enough for coming back! Stay warm in Austin!


One from their wedding

Now current day.

Jess, you’re a stunner but Connor sure steals the show here. Love the little Toms!

the boys..

I do love this one too. The colors are so sweet!


Isn’t this kid adorable?

One of my favs..

So cute.

 this is when I decided the session was over 😉 thanks again!!

next one

erica & mike’s party!