meet sofie

Now this is a blog I’ve been sitting on for well over a year. I started photographing Sofie from the get go, while in the tummy that is. It’s been an honor and a pleasure to have been chosen to document this beautiful child’s first year of life. I’ve had so much fun watching Sofie grow up, she sure has a personality. So sit back and enjoy these photos.

The cliche hand on the hip maternity shot. Stef actually gave birth 2 days after I took this photo.


A photo from month 1, Stef & Chris used this image as their birth announcement.


Here’s the little peanut lifting her head up at 3 months.


I love shooting kids with a fisheye.


We missed month 6 so we’re jumping a bit in time, but here is her official 1 year photo, they had hawaiian luau. This photo was also used as the invite, this family is so creative.


The most recent and my favorite of them all… this is classic Sofie right here.


The fam.




This is fun.

So I leave you with this blog for the holiday, Happy Thanksgiving to all my faithful blog readers. Try not to fill up on too much turkey.

Gobble gobble ya’ll-

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