meet the bagyi’s

Where do I start here? Well our relationship with Dania and John goes way back to 2003. I believe that was the year we did their engagement photos. Then what came next? Duh, the wedding. October 1st 2004 these two tied the knot and we were there. After the wedding Dania and John always kept in touch. I’d usually email with Dania a couple times a year. Cut to the summer of 2008 Dania wanted me to capture their family. I think their daughter Kennedy was just around a year at that time. In the meanwhile Dania was always a fan of photography and I recommended a camera and lens for John to get her as a gift. That’s when it all started for Dania, she realized she loved photography and thats what she wanted to do. I think I have that all right. After that Kidography by Dania was born. So Dania’s thing is kids, babies, families and maternity stuff. I’m a fan of her work and you should be too. I refer a lot of this type of photography her way that I simply can’t take on because I’m confident she’ll deliver. Anyway Dania and I were having coffee as we do quite often and she mentioned it was time for an updated family session now that McKenna is in the picture and walking. She wanted a sunset session in the field and told me she was into lots of backlight and all that. So after I believe 4 attempts due to weather we finally got it done. I’m thrilled with the images. Their daughters are so cute and photogenic, even if McKenna made me work for it 😉 Thanks again to you both! I’m honored you both continue to ask me back to document your lives. It means a lot because I know since 2008 you’ve met and become friends with a lot of other talented people out there. Looking forward to out next coffee date (after wedding season).


Oct 1 2004… sorry about the heavy border but I couldn’t find a larger image. I had to dig deep and the high res images are archived in another location. 🙂

August 2008

We’ll set off with a b&w.. Although I feel this was very much a colorful session..

I love that everyone is doing their own thing…

I teased this one on my facebook I just love the color.


His girls love him..

Look at McKenna giving me the pffft whatever face!

This might be my fav of them all.. Its just real.

Dania and her bean.

Wardrobe change (for the mini’s)

love her..

I had a few of just the two of them alone but this one made the cut. I assume as a parent there is always something going on in the background. I love that John is watching McKenna over my shoulder and Kennedy decided it was time to dance. Your family is beautiful.

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