meet the willcoxon’s…

Ok this blog post has been a long time coming. If you’ve been coming to my blog since June of 2008 you might remember Jaimee and Sean from their blog debut. Well, you might remember them from their behind the scenes video we did from their wedding. It was probably one of my most watched videos of all time with almost 7,000 views!! Everywhere I go I swear someone comes up to me and tells me how great a job we did shooting their wedding or how much they loved their wedding. Lastly chances are if you’re a Mazzone bride/groom (especially Saratoga National) you’ve crossed paths with Sean since he’s the big man on the Mazzone compound(s). Anyway, I can’t tell you how happy I was when Jaimee and Sean asked me to photograph their family! I’ve been itching to capture and blog about them for a while now! Their first child Sean David just turned one and this is the first time I got to meet him other than following Jaimee’s facebook of course. He’s super handsome and has mad style! Their newest is the adorable 2 week old little baby girl Penelope. I’m sure the stylish Jaimee is going to have a blast dressing little Penelope for a long time! They have a perfect and beautiful family and I’m honored to have been asked back to capture it. Jaimee and Sean, thank you for everything. I enjoy photographing you guys. Let’s not wait so long next time 😉


June 2008 I posted their engagement session. Just a fun fact but Jaimee and Sean were the first ever “bling shot” you can read about that here.

Then in April of 2009 they tied the knot and also set the bar high for Hall of Springs weddings that followed.. You can see that here.

Now 2 plus years later I present the Willcoxon’s

Sean David is a handsome little guy..

All they do is smile..

Little Miss Penelope!

love this guy.

We all know where he gets his spikes from 😉

How precious?

I think big brother is happy to have a lil sis!

Keep smiling… your family is beautiful.

a couple more.

I’ll end with this super cute image!!

next one

jamie & josh: birch hill