Wow! Here’s another great one for your viewing pleasure. I’ll set it off by saying November 13, 2010 was probably the warmest day so far this month. November always does this too. One day it’s 40 degrees the next 65. That’s what’s fun about shooting in November. You just never know what to expect. Let’s just say Megan and Derek were blessed! Our day began over at the Franklin Inn and Suites across from Franklin Plaza. Wedding planner Shannon Whitney was on site making sure everyone was ready to go. I love love love wedding planners and wish all my brides & grooms would use them. Seriously get yourself a some wedding coordination already! Anyway, also on site was Flawless by Tina making sure all the ladies makeup was flawless and they were too! Megan was all smiles and totally happy from the moment we stepped into the room. She then slipped on her awesome gown the photo session began. The nuptials took place at Emma Willard but first we took few photos with Derek and the fellas. I could shoot here all the time, it never gets old. The stuff we got on the grounds at Emma is incredible. The light, the color and oh yeah Megan and Derek know how to work a camera. It was a little too easy. Later that day their videographer Bret Wasserman thanked me for setting the stage for some sweet shots. Really, all I do is set the stage and let the couples do their thing. These two just loved the being in front of our cameras. It was then off to Franklin Plaza in Troy. I have nothing but love for this place. It is easily one of the top 3 venues we shoot at. In fact our last wedding of 2010 will be there this Saturday! The party was now in the hands of Greg, the Franklin Plaza staff and DJ Andy Pratt. It was a great reception! The food never stopped and they danced all night long. We thank Megan and Derek for being awesome! Your day was totally fun and we enjoyed every minute of it. Best of luck in your many many years ahead. Happy Thanksgiving.


I loved walking into the room and seeing this from basically the first frame I shot.

Another Flawless application by Miss Flawless herself..

The dress..

Doesn’t she look great?

Before we headed out I wanted to grab a few with this nice window light behind me.

Come on Megan! You’re making it too easy.

What up bmaids?

Another one of our bride…

How awesome is this place to shoot at?

And yes, it was that nice. That sky was crazy blue!

Derek’s grandparents waiting outdoors.. I love this one.

I knew when I took this shot it was going on the blog..

All laughs right here..

On deck with Dad..

Take it all in Megan..

Oooh this light is awesome!

Mr & Mrs…

This place is just a wonderful backdrop.

I really liked this spot..

So I worked it for a little bit..

Why thats a nice little configuration you’re in 😉

Look at those long shadows!

Oh Derek you’re so romantic.. no really he is. I didn’t ask him to kiss her hand..

The light and color is really incredible here.

Another fav!

The almost kiss.. but look at that light!!! Come on people! Look at it!

I like this one too..

My facebook teaser..

Once more..

I lied. one more..

I lied again. one more..  ok this is it..

Off to the Franklin Plaza..

which looked great!

First dance..


A DJ Andy Pratt staple… he’ gets all the people on the dance floor to look at us at one point of the night and bug out! Congrats guys!

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  1. jp and big joe! we cant even begin to describe how we feel right now– crying, laughing, smiling ear to ear all over these gorgeous pictures! sorry it took so long to comment- they went up while we were away on the honeymoon! a million & one thank yous from us and my entire family for the wonderful work you guys did!!!

  2. the picutre of the grandparents (with the great light) is like a needle in a haystack! wonderful!

  3. LOVE this post! I cannot pick a favorite from the Emma Willard shots but I REALLY like the “Almost Kiss”. The light was incredible. I think I enjoyed this one so much because it brought me back to our own wedding day at the same venues. Elario photography has a way of doing that – transporting you back to the moment the picture was taken. Megan you were a beautiful bride. Congratulations and best wishes to you both.

  4. @ lianne, you crack me up 🙂 looks like a fun wedding! I like the one where they are framed by the archway and the sky is so blue in the back

  5. Beautiful BEAUTIFUL bride!!! My goodness with those eyes she just draws you right in. Both Megan and Derek seem really at ease here. I love all these shots. I love the pic of Derek’s grandparents (see the way he is looking at her?). Love the first one of Megan getting ready – such joy and excitement you guys captured! LOVE the look on Megan’s face as she and her dad prepare to go down the aisle. I love the shot just before Mr. and Mrs. where they look like they are so excited, or laughing. So sweet. Love the emotions here. All the pics after the ceremony are so sweet and romantic. The “almost kiss” yes JP – the light is like butter. 🙂
    Really, this all just screams romance – so sweet. Love the car en route to the reception too. Congrats Megan and Derek!!!! 🙂

  6. Joe and JP you’ve done it again! Ridiculous job with these photos. Even though I was there and saw all of this with my own eyes it never ceases to amaze me how you are able to make something beautiful look out of this world. Great working with you – as always. And congrats Megan and Derek – you guys rock!!

  7. I always love your B&W photos. My favorites are the one under the facebook teaser (the one in your header) and the shot of their car driving away. You always kill it!

  8. Now that I got my pin and made it official….I’ll stop being creepy and comment! These perfectly depict Megan and Derek, how long are Megan’s eyelashes in your “configuration”??, and the picture of the back of the RR driving is sooo awesome. I can’t wait for the rest!