Yeah yeah yeah!!! I’m loving the images from my latest engagement session with Megan and Mina! These two make looking good, ridiculously easy. What I love about this session is its got the best of both worlds. We shot in the urban setting before venturing out to the rural country. Its such a nice contrast with both locations. For real, it was an easy session with these two. Duh! I can’t wait to get them back into the front of my camera again next year for their big day! So stay tuned for that. Thanks again guys for having me!


Meet, Megan and Mina…

I just love this one..

You can never go wrong with the streets surrounding the park in Albany.

One of my favorite backdrops…

Ah, working that Elario Configuration oh so well..


Love these..

So pretty..

Now we’re in the country.. (duh)

I’m digging this white fence and all that color surrounding it!

The light, color and mood of this image all rock!! I want it on my wall yo!!

Ahh the barn and the texture in b&w… come on now!

This is my favorite from the whole session!

Seriously, how photogenic are they??

and of course, my token and famous “bling shot”!

Mina tried to kiss me on the turnaround! Just kidding! See you two soon!!

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  1. What a beautiful couple!!! Seriously, they complement each other so nicely. Loving the urban and country feel in this, and always enjoy some of the old haunts in Albany that look fresh with each couple 🙂

  2. love the city to country vibe!! Love love love the fence backdrop BW shot in the city – def my fav of this shoot!!! Also changing clothes and scenery love the fence shots, great light and color!