megan & rob: canfield casino wedding photos

I’m so exited to share these amazing wedding photos from Megan and Rob’s wedding!! After a long quiet “off season” I must say it’s so much fun to be back in the saddle doing what I love best! Did I mention we shot a to date as Megan and Robs? I love weird coincidences like that!

We set off what was a long day at the Hampton Inn in downtown Saratoga Springs which is a pretty common getting ready location for our clients. In suite 627 was the beautiful, Megan and seven bridesmaids all looking quite fabulous thanks to the Make Me Fabulous team! Speaking of teams, wedding planner Katie O’Malley was rolling deep with all her girls making sure everything was perfect and on time for Megan and Rob. After Megan got dressed we headed to the church instead of doing portraits. Why? Their ceremony was at 1pm and their cocktail hour began at 5pm so we had a lot of time to take pics!

After their ceremony at St Mary’s Church in Ballston Spa we headed to Congress Park and began our portraits. We all had a great time working with Meg, Rob, their family and friends. After our session we had ample time before cocktail hour so we all grabbed some coffee and refueled for what was one hell of a wedding reception! Mazzone Hospitality was on the yummy side and their band just played and played and played. At one point of the reception we allotted some time (like we do with all weddings) for sunset photos. Although we didn’t get a sunset we got rain but I thought, why not? I’m going to ask them to come outside with an umbrella and go for it. Thankfully they trusted me and we all went for it! To say I love the rain photos would be a huge understatement!!

Thanks to all who made this event awesome. Thanks to Hayden for assisting and for rocking the Elario Photo Booth. Thanks to Jason Valentine for shooting some behind the scenes video for our end of year video, you wont want to miss this! Most importantly, thanks to Meg and Rob! Thanks for trusting us at Elario Photography to knock this one out the park for you! Your wedding was a blast and we all wish you many years of happiness!


Oh hey, Meg!
Alayne, is amazing at her craft and we’re lucky to work with Make Me Fabulous so often!
I loved the gold! You don’t see gold that often.
Getting into a gown that everyone loved.
Just a couple portraits before we head to the church.
Rob arrives with the fellas..
What a crew we had here. They set the tone early it was going to be a wild one.
Get your swag on, Rob. A well put-together groom right here.
Time to walk down the aisle.
St Mary’s Church, Ballston Spa
Their ceremony was full of laughs.
Mr & Mrs..
20 people who know how to party.
So pretty.
I love that portrait of Meg!!
and I love the image on the left a lot!! The muted tones are awesome!
What’s so funny?
Notice the socks… no details were missed here..
I just love this one!
The beautiful Canfield Casino.
The party has begun!
1st dance.
AAAaaaaaah!! Love the rain!
This one I love too!! I think its going on the wall of not only the Casino but our studio.
Crazy party people.
good times!
I loved that Meg and Rob chose the backdrop I call “Saratoga” for their photo booth.
There was no shortage of crazy images..
So cute.
congrats you two!!


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