meghan & chris: saratoga national

Wow! What an awesome wedding this past weekend. Saratoga National tent was off the hook. The food was excellent, the party was crazy and although Meghan & Chris may have had a rainy evening it didn’t even phase these families, they partied hard.

So we arrived at the house where a beautiful bride, an awesome gown and some ‘Jimmy’s’ awaited to be photographed. After a little zipper dilemma it was off to the front lawn for a quick set of portraits. The early part of the day was great, a little breezy and we had an overcast sky or as we call it natures soft box. Shannon Whitney of Wedding Planning Plus was on the scene making sure all the last minute plans were running smoothly and they were. Wedding planners are great to have around, they keep things moving and everyone on time. Then it was off to the church for the nuptials. On the way up to Saratoga National the wind was starting to pickup and the clouds we’re moving along. We banged out the formal photos within 15 minutes. The along with Videographer Al Woodard we took Meghan and Chris out onto to course for some of that fun stuff. The wind was crazy but that didn’t matter. I’m sure Al got some great shots of that veil moving. As always, we came out with some really sweet images. Then it was off to the cocktail hour & a half. Saratoga National really does a nice job, the food’s just delicious. The tent was awesome! My lovely & talented 😉 fiance Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs really outdid herself. They had a B&W floor! The whole floor was covered, very cool. I know I sound like a skipping record but again at this wedding who else but The New York Players were rocking hard. I’d say Meghan & Chris had a dream team surrounding them all day and overall it really was a nice event.

Enjoy, leave love.

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a ring shot, so here’s one:

Chris his best man minutes before.

This continues to be my favorite shot at every wedding. I love that little moment brides and their dads have before walking down the aisle.

These guys were funny with those top hats.

A real fun bridal party here:

I love these b&w’s

My favorite of the day:

Gotta love that behind the scene stuff. Mr Al Woodard & I posing.

How bout all this for a sweet cocktail hour?

Again the fleurs by Kris Ann of Fleurtacious Designs and here she is putting the finishing touches on the tent.

How cool is this?

I could have photographed this thing all day.

And I’ll leave you with a couple dancing shots…

Ok, one more for fun.

next one

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