meghan & curtis: canfield casino

My friends, the season is officially underway! Thats right! It’s time for non stop weddings from now till mid November (then one more in December). I’m super excited to share this one because Meghan and Curtis are just great people, plus its at my favorite wedding venue! The day couldn’t have been more perfect, the weather was all you could ever ask for. We set things off right in Saratoga. Meghan’s bridal suite was full of energetic bridesmaids and the Jay Z pandora station. What more could I ask for? Once everyone was dressed we headed to our home base for the day, Congress Park. This couple opted for a first look which is so important when your wedding is all at one venue. Then it was ceremony time and the room looked fantastic. The decor for this one was provided by Surroundings Floral Studio. After they tied the knot the light got softer outside and we went out and did our thang! The ballroom filled up and it was officially party time! DJ Nate, from Conway Entertainment did his thing and our girl Hayden was non stop at the Elario Photo Booth. I must say this was a great one to set off the season with. I can’t thank Meghan, Curtis, their family and friends enough! We’re honored to have been part of your day! Congrats to you both!


You probably remember their engagement session right?

The rings…

A little help from her sisters..

Meghan has some incredible eyes which is why I picked this image..

Something blue..

Each girl had a different bouquet. I particularly liked these 3..

Always laughing it up..

Our beautiful bride, Meghan.

The fellas.

A little first look series… I love how excited they were.

This one’s fun!

If you’re familiar with their engagement session you might remember their bridal party gave that to them as a gift. Not only that but they also paid for a chunk of this couples photography which I think is awesome and amazing. Such great friends!

After that we wondered around the park.

Ah the color in this is beautiful.

an easy favorite right here.

Only fitting since we’re in the Casino on the 13th.

Gotta love the sideways setup 😉

Mr & Mrs..

The light outside after the ceremony was just perfect.

my favorite time of day..

I’ve shot at this venue for years however I’ve never seen this vantage point. So glad I found it because I love everything about this image which is why it was my facebook teaser.

You might be looking at this Elario configuration and wondering where Meghan’s wedding ring is.. They were too. It did make it into Congress Park, just not to their ceremony…

No worries because it was found by a guest. It was on the floor in the room this image was taken in. I’m not sure how it got lost but thank God it was found. Let this be a lesson to the person in charge of wedding rings for all weddings. Not sure if they were loose in the best mans pocket but those tuxes always have holes. I suggest keeping in the box or a jewelry pouch. Again, I don’t know how it was lost but the important thing is it was found!

How fun are these?

The ballroom at the Canfield Casino.

From the second they entered the room it was party time..

Then everyone cleared a circle and this couple had their official “first dance”.

The Elario Photo Booth was in full swing!

Hopefully someday we’ll see Josh and Jenny on this blog again. (no pressure, Josh)

Speaking of people we’ve seen on this blog. ? They also stared in my bio video.

Pretty ladies..

Congrats to you guys!!

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