melanie & chris: come fly with me

WOW! Haha, thats all I can say. Melanie had been stressing to say the least on doing a unique and different engagement session. Every time I blogged something out of the norm for engagement sessions I’d hear from her. She wanted to shoot somewhere new, different and fun. I ask ALL my couples to pick a location but 8 out of 10 times I end up picking them. Not with Melanie and Chris, I give them 100% credit on coming up with this one. They did have a motive though, apparently after 9 years of dating Melanie and Chris have traveled quite a bit. I guess their big joke is they’re always jet setting somewhere. So Chris was like maybe we can shoot on a runway. Yeah right, securities so tight you can’t look at a runway. So this concept brewed and I got an email from Melanie suggesting we shoot in an air museum. I was stoked and totally on board for this one. I had a feeling this would make my top 3-5 fav engagement sessions and it did, for me at least. After you all peep the images let me know where it ranks for you. Since this is a museum, you’re not allowed to get in or on the planes, well maybe on one wing (ssssh!). As always keeping with the theme of multiple outfits their clothing choices could not have been better they just went perfect with all the planes. What a great looking couple. We look forward to shooting your April 2011 wedding fo sheezey. Thanks for looking great and being awesome guys. As you all read this I on the left coast chillin in Veags. Glad to have some downtime after that killer July. So on with the post…


Although there are no commercial jets here I ask that you please fasten your seatbelt folks as we’re about to take off.

Chris wanted to rock his shades he need’s a scarf too!

and we have lift off!

Hey Mel, go stand over there real quick… you too Chris. Photogs, don’t ya love when that happens? How great do their outfits compliment this plane?

the facebook teaser than sent all Melanie’s friends into a tizzy. I’ve NEVER seen so much reaction to a facebook teaser.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve reached our cruising altitude and the pilot has turned off the fasten seat belts sign. (i’m the pilot! haha)

oh yeah… these guys just know how to pose.

I just love this image!

a great b&w

Shooting here was crazy, I was on overload not knowing where an what to shoot next.

Planes really make for great backdrops…

A little Navy action..

Do you think Melanie studies my blog? Chris said she does.

now some Army.

working it out!

I told Chris to spin her since a helicopter spins.. get shot too. Turbulence?

Oh hey there! New clothes..

the butter light came out for a few..

Now the US Air Force.. I like the way she’s looking at him.

hey now!

cuddle time.

The last minutes of sun. I love shooting people bathed in that warm light, its just awesome.

oh there’s that Elario style for ya.

ask for forgiveness not permission….

Sssssh! She’s not suppose to be up there! How I adore these images.

Melanie really knows how to work the eyes in the camera.

nice shot.. we’re starting to make our descent…

so please make sure your seat back and folding trays are in their full upright position. one of my favorite images right here.

this is one of my favs too!

and we’ve landed… ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of my favorite engagement sessions ever. Where the local temperature is HOT… oh and enjoy my “bling shot” no engagement session is complete without one.

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