melanie & chris: hall of springs

Oh yeah! I gotta tell you this is nothing but the hotness right here in this blog post! April 15, 2011 was an incredible day for two awesome people. Melanie & Chris are no strangers here on the blog either. They made their debut back in August when I blogged what was then and still is now one of my all time favorite engagement sessions. I encourage you to have a look if you have not yet. Anyway after that I session I couldn’t wait to get these two back in front of my lens. Can you blame me? But back to April 15th. It was blue skies and sunshine all day! I mean the kind of day you wait all winter for. The first stop was Melanie’s fathers Saratoga home. It was full of beautiful people too, you’ll see below. As expected Melanie looked wonderful and was pretty much ready to get into one hell of a gown. Chris jokes that Mel can turn it on at any second. Don’t let him fool you though, he too can turn it on. He showed up looking phenomenal and ready. Why? Well besides the fact he’s a handsome dude he bought his own tux and it fit!! When it was time for the first look Mel couldn’t wait! I had to tell to slow down! She was totally excited to see her man. When he turned around to see her his reaction was just great! After the standard formal photos I had some time to capture some great images of just Mel & Chris. Working one on one with the bride and groom is really my favorite part at weddings. I also enjoy working with true professionals such as videographer Al Woodard! You must head to his blog and peep their video that was already online yesterday! It is off the chain! Al, you keep killing it out there, people don’t know how lucky they are to have you capture their event my man. Their ceremony and florals looked really great. Party with Mia outdid herself with all the decor. Should I mention the NY Players absolutely crushed it yet again? Yeah, what else is new right? They always bring their Β A-Game. Rather than me keep typing all this I’m going to stop and let the images speak for themselves. I just want to thank Melanie & Chris! You guys trusted us with your big day and we really appreciate that. We’ve enjoyed working with you guys and knew this event would be a great one. Enjoy the honeymoon, but first enjoy these images.


I had to set it off with a shot from their engagement session!

Here’s our bride getting some finishing touches. (not sure who did makeup feel free to leave in comment box)

Mel looked stunning. Also every bride should own that tank because it really is all about you ladies.

Some details..

Melanie’s accessories…. πŸ˜‰

Melanie’s sister (mother) helping her button up. πŸ˜‰

Oh I love this light…


My job is seriously rough, I had 9 beautiful women to photograph.

Melanie was loving being a bride. She OWNED that gown.

One more cause I said so.

I was telling Mel to slow down here on the first look. It was pretty funny.

She has that kinda effect on Chris. He just stood back and took it all in..

then went in for the kiss and hug..

and had Mel do the spin around to see the whole gown.

but one more step back to again enjoy this moment.

That blue on the girls was just awesome.

Chris and the boys + 1 beautiful “groomslady” πŸ˜‰

One of my favorite group shots of the day.

Chris was looking quite sharp in his Hugo Boss tux with the hand tied bow tie & sweet cufflinks. Oh peep the time piece, a gift from Melanie. Nice job Mel.

Chris apparently got the city of Saratoga to fill the reflecting pool in time for the wedding. The weddings the next two days after can send him a TY card.

I got one more but then it was time to head in for the nuptials..

The Hall of Springs is a wonderful setting for a ceremony. Decor by Party with Mia

Chris, on deck..

Mel & Dad, on deck..

I love the exchanges between them here.

Mr & Mrs..

A little E configuration.

I like this one.

Oh that light.. it was on the money right here.

Sorry for the tech talk but my 200 1.8L is straight up da bomb! I mean, look at that background! Gone!

Mel & Chris’ facebook teaser images always get mad love!Β Β BTW, I love new friends soΒ come say hi.

The Hall of Springs by Party with Mia

some details.

The first dance complete with the monogram which has pretty much turned into a must do in this room.

I love when this happens during the first dance.

It was that kind of party..

I love my Elario brides!.. Nicole 07.29.11 (left) & Amanda (09.03.11)

Big thanks to Hayden Yund again for killing it with the Elario Photo Booth.. You liking this backdrop? I do. It’s called swanky and it’s hot!

Monkey see, monkey do… haha

Amanda & Kevin! 9.3.11!!

Fact: On July 29 2011 Nicole and Nick will attend their 42 wedding together only this time it will be theirs and yes we’ll be there!

because they’re all so pretty!

Holler for the vendors. you all know Big Joe and Al Woodard right? Thats Hayden to the right there. Congrats Mel & Chris!!

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