melissa & cory: the desmond

August seems to be the month for long time no see venues. The Desmond is another one we haven’t worked at in a while. It’s always fun to come back to a place you haven’t worked at in a while and leave that night feeling like you knocked it out of the park, kinda like A-Rod did that night when I returned home from this wedding. Anway, Melissa & Cory were another one of those real easy going relaxed couples. From the point when we arrived Melissa was looking great and was ready to get into her gown. We stepped out front of the hotel for some portraits and then it was off to Kings St (its a room) for their ceremony. The Desmond has a great coordinator Amanda who works with all the couples closely making sure things are on time and everything goes smoothly. That being said the 6 o’clock ceremony was smoothly executed on time. After the ceremony we snuck outside for some photos in the good good light. We have some spots we use at this hotel but in this particular spot the light it always great. Melissa & Cory I thank you for having us capture your day and we all should specially thank Cory for his services to our country.

Enjoy, leave love,

Ya gotta love a sexy little bride.

Its always nice having a fun crew of bridesmaids too.

I think they were giving me their diva pose or maybe a plane was flying by?

Melissa was easy to photograph.

One more of the bride.

Pink was obviously her color.

The Desmond has plenty of foliage so I used it for the ring shot.

I love this shot of the guys.

This grouping is pretty cool too.

Backlit bridal party shot for you.

Go get her Cory…

Might be my fav of the night.

This ones pretty sweet too.

Gotta love those pink shoes right?

Whats a blog post without a b&w?

I like this series of their first dance.

I’ll close with a Desmond standard.

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