Anyone who knows me knows I’m a pretty big fan of the Dave Matthews Band (even listening to them as I write this blog post). I’ve been to 29 shows and counting. I was even lucky enough to photograph them preforming too! Its normal for me to miss a night of their two night concert at Saratoga Preforming Arts Center (SPAC) but obviously I had a wedding the night before and Melissa and Cory’s wedding fell on night two. So we find out back in February that the annual Dave Matthews concert is on the date of their wedding! Fine, but for those who don’t know the Hall of Springs and SPAC share the same lawn! So I’m faced with two challenges. The first is stay focused and try to not step out of the reception “too much” to listen. 😉 The second was the traffic and “people in every direction” 😉 I will say while a sellout of over 25,000 people we’re within 200 feet of Melissa & Cory’s wedding there was no doubt who the stars were on June 9th 2012.

Ok so like any Saratoga wedding we set things off in the hotel up in Saratoga Springs. Flawless by Tina was on the scene as well as some beautiful flowers by Fleurtacious Designs. Melissa was sooooo amped and ready to get into that gown asking me numerous times “can I get dressed now?”. After she got dressed we headed into the busy Congress Park. As if the DMB show wasn’t enough, there was a Flag Day Parade and also Americade too. Whatevs! We did all our family photos, first look and a couple bride and groom only photos in the park. Then everyone hopped into the trolly and headed to St Marys Church in Ballston Spa. They tied the knot and the best man, brother Kevin proclaimed the new Mr & Mrs (which was a nice touch) and we were off to the Hall of Springs! The next challenge was getting there! We thought with a 7pm concert and a 7pm cocktail hour we’d be in a little bit of traffic but thankfully that all worked out perfectly! Now the party was in the hands of DJ Paul Malo and boy did they party! It was off the hook and the floor was packed all night. PACKED! We also worked with the smooth cinematographer Phil Coltart too and I’m looking forward to see what he captured for sure!

Melissa and Cory, we can’t thank you both enough for choosing us! We’re honored to be part of your amazing celebration! You’re both awesome people and I wish you nothing but the best for many, many years! I hope Aruba is treating you well!!


Melissa and Cory participated in my mini sessions. I loved this image and had to share it with you all!

Now onto June 9th 2012..

Who did her makeup? Oh wait.. 😉

Getting ready with her maid of honor.

Melissa is always smiling and laughing.. here’s one of many of those moments..

So photogenic!

Hello ladies..

Another amazing bouquet by Fleurtacious Designs

One more of our beautiful bride, Melissa..

Cory too is always smiling and laughing.. here’s their first look..

so cute.

I love this b&w..

Another wise choice. Cory purchased his Hugo Boss tuxedo and tied his own bow tie.. Get your swag on fellas..

Cory and the boys..

Our bridal party..

Ok.. so any faithful blog stalkers know I never blog “little kids in bridal party” photos because I think its too easy to get “oohs and awes”  but this dude was so freaking cute! How could I not give him his own photo?


I like this one a lot and its just a simple photo…

one more in Congress Park before they tied the knot..

St Marys, Ballston Spa, NY.

A cute moment with Melissa and her two Dad’s.. so sweet.

love this one too!

Mr & Mrs… I love when couples walk down the aisle and there is a lot of excitement and emotion!

A nice Elario configuration.

So fun..

See all the people? It was insane out there. I’m so used to it being only us when I take couples out on their weddings.. Whatever, it made it so much more fun! This was also my facebook teaser. Love it!

Having fun, laughing at DMB fans that had too much to drink.


Thanks for the police escort. They made sure no one messed with us!

They’d have to get passed the Hall of Springs, Marianne. She might be small but she’s a feisty little head head!

Ok one more.. the car literately followed us all the way around!

The Hall of Springs by Fleurtacious Designs

Making an entrance to Apache (jump on it)

Then had a more formal first dance..

A great toast by the best man..

And a few party shots to end this blog post… Congrats you two!!

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  1. The b&w images of this couple are some of my favorite b&w’s that you’ve done — SO beautiful!! Loving this blog post!

  2. best elario config i’ve seen in a while :)….some people are so good at it! beautiful!

  3. Awesome 🙂
    I have to say, I’m beyond impressed how seamlessly that all seemed to work – just with a concert going on… no, wait… a DMB CONCERT going on, the fact that you guys didn’t get caught in so much traffic is amazing.
    Love that first pic during the mini sessions. THOSE BOOTS! 🙂
    Melissa is just stunning! ANd you’ve got to love how the dress is all set up with all the accessories at hand (pre done, or did one of you do it?)
    Love the sweet, sweet first look. So perfectly private too.
    It’s amazing, although your teaser had all those people in the background, would you believe I didn’t notice until you said it? That’s just how much these two pop off the screen. (and when you look at it, it’s awesome, with all those other people they’re still so focused on one another). Lots of love here. Love the Mr. and Mrs., and love the pre-ceremony with Melissa’s two dads. 😀
    Overall looks beautiful, and like a lot of fun… even before you said what song they came out to, I could already see it from their poses… awesome!!!

    Beautiful, lots of feeling… awesome 🙂 Congrats guys!

  4. JP & Joe thank you SO much! You captured our day perfectly. We have always loved your work and are so excited to forever have you apart of our day.

  5. what masterpieces you produce week after week! this elario configuration is STUNNING. by far, my favorite of them all!

  6. There’s something about the lighting in all of these that’s extra amazing, maybe because it was such a beautiful day, I’m not sure but I love it! I’m also loving all the black & white shots! You know you’re important when you have a police escort! The drunk folk probably thought they were about to be arrested for public intoxication lol. But I love seeing all the people in the background, because even with everything going on they still look at each other like they’re the only one’s there. This also makes for some great story telling later. P.S. That little kid is super adorable, but I bet the massive bridal party is a little jealous he’s the only one who got a close up 😉

  7. It all was gorgeous; the bride & groom, St. Mary’s church, the Hall of Springs reception & brunch at the Marriott! After viewing these pictures, they will also have a gorgeous wedding album. Bravo beautifully done!

  8. Pretty wedding, and what fun for a DMB fan!! Gorgeous couple, liking all the creamy yellow tones in some of the sky and skin images. Faves are the natural color in the first look and bridal portraits. Nice job!

  9. Love all the DMB references in this post : )
    Another beautiful Hall of Springs Wedding!