melissa & dave: little bit of city, little bit of country

I love sessions like this. What do I mean? I mean I love sessions that are the best of both worlds. When Melissa and David were deciding where they wanted to shoot we ended up choosing two locations. This allowed us to get the best of both worlds shoot. This is something new I’m offering since its become quite popular in 2010. Its great because its like two engagement sessions in one! Anyway, I’m stoked to share these with you all. I just love everything about these images. The cool thing about this engagement session is the lighting kept changing which made the color change constantly as well. It was kind of like that horse in the Wizard of Oz that kept changing color. Lets just say Mother nature was hooking these guys up. Lets hope July 23, 2011 is like this too!  Melissa and Dave are a fun, fashionable and photogenic couple. We’re glad to be also spending wedding day with them too! So without further ado lets get into this one..


Oh hey there… Blog world, meet Melissa and Dave

My cobblestone spot in downtown Albany never disappoints.

Not going to lie, I did have a little challenge on this shoot….

it was hard keeping Dave in the frame sometimes 😉 I kid!

The color in her dress was awesome. I love the way it reflected the light.

I love these two side by side. Melissa is working it out here.

The sun was doing fun stuff on this shoot. It was sort of behind some clouds which made me end up with some warm skin tones. Aside from the techie stuff its just a fun shot.

I love it.. soft golden backlight is a gift from Mama Nature!

I love how they’re always smiling and laughing…. ok, off to location #2

One our way there I watched the clouds burry the sun. Another gift because the color in the next 3-4 images was just sweet!

We were planning venturing a little deeper into my favorite field but I head something running around and it scared me a little.

Just awesome. All the color is simply beautiful.

By the time I changed my lens the warm light came back out. Crazy right? Forehead kisses.

Here’s my facebook teaser. My favorite thing about the facebook teaser shots are all the brides (and sometimes grooms) always end up making it their profile picture. It always makes me smile when I get the email telling me they did so.

You can’t beat the character on this barn.

It especially looks good in b&w. Is that “posted” sign suppose to scare me?

Oh yeah!

And now Melissa kills it with the eyes.

look at these too, they’re models disguised as people who happen to be getting married next year.

we’ll end it of course with the one and only “bling shot” how bout that rock?

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