Hot hot hot! Thats all I have to say about this one. Seriously, I put this wedding in the top three of the warmest, hottest and most humid weddings we’ve ever shot. July 23rd 2011 was hot! It was the kind of day you pack extra water for sure. It’s the type of day I bring a change of clothing because I knew I’d sweat thru my first set of threads easily! I don’t know how they did it but Melissa and Dave managed to look cool, calm and collect all day!

As always we set things off where our bride Melissa was getting ready. Sue from Make Me Fabulous was on site with her brushes and all the makeup type stuff and Melissa looked smoking too! Dave Bigler of Bigler Productions was in the house as well shooting their video. One more vendor I’d be crazy not mention was the talented and beautiful Kris Ann Elario (aka my awesome wife) of Fleurtacious Designs. The flowers were on point, you’ll see. Once Melissa was dressed and ready we headed downstairs and out onto the grounds of the Gideon Putnam Hotel. This year it seems like a lot of our brides are using this place and I have to say that I’m really digging this hotel and all it’s photo opportunities. It also just has that old Saratoga vibe. Walking outside that day was like stepping into an oven but we found a shaded spot and went to work. About halfway through the photos a breeze came along and that was quite nice. We then did a first look! I love that Dave showed some emotion too, it was great! With the heat in mind we worked quick and did our thing. Meanwhile at St Mary’s church in Ballston Spa Melissa and Dave’s 300 guests were beginning to arrive. To say the church was HOT would be an understatement but listen these two were there to tie the knot and that they did! Then we ventured to the Hall of Springs where Melissa and Dave’s special guests Poison and Motley Crue were warming up! Just kidding, but there was a concert happening that evening at SPAC but it had no effect at all on their day. How about the room though? That was just WOW! Kris Ann and her employees killed it. Those trees and colors were just phenomenal. Did I mention Hayden Yund and  the Elario Photo Booth was in the house? Thats right! We debuted a new drop it MODERN backdrop too! It was a super fun event and everything about the day was just beautiful. Melissa and Dave, THANK YOU! Thank you for having us document the day! What more can we ask for? You’re easy to photograph and super fun as well. I hope you’re able to see this blog at some point of your 3 week honeymoon!!


Lets start with one from their engagement session last summer.

The gown and Sue doing her thing..
Shoes.. Melissa needed some big heals so she could be closer to Dave..
Making sure everything is just right..
A little double angle for ya.
Mom and Melissa’s MOH enjoying a laugh.
Finishing touches.
“Hey Melissa can you go stand over there in that doorway real quick?”
An awesome bouquet by Fleurtacious Designs
Some more..
Hey ladies!
I’m loving all the colors..
Melissa, so beautiful.
Another one I love..
Dave and the boys, sweating but looking good.
Talk about handsome.. Dave props on buying your tux, it fitted great and you rock the hand tied bow tie. Do your thing big daddy!
Here she comes!
A cute little series..
Dave showing some emotion, I love that.
What up bridal party?
“You’re just sitting on a bench on your wedding day..”
I love this one..
Does it get an easier than this? Come on now!
I think she’s on her tippy toes…
Ha ha. Yeah I cut his head off last year..
I did it again this year! What?
The light and the color make me smile.
My facebook teaser.. but all you people I’m friends with already seen this right?
St Mary’s Church, Ballston Spa.
I love this shot of Dave “on deck”
Take a deep breath and head down..
Exchanging nuptials.
Mr & Mrs…
Time for some of that good light…
and an Elario configuration!
love it.
another image I’m pretty happy with..
that light!!
and just one more in the butter light. or butta light 😉
The Hall of Springs setup with over 300 and a photo booth.
How sick are these trees from Fleurtacious Designs ?
I have to say, my wife kicks ass at this whole flower thing..
Ok one more..
I believe this cake came from Coccadotts
Give it up for Melissa and Dave!
1st dance..
A nice toast by Dave brother.
Party time..
The Elario Photo Booth was off the chain!
This is one of our newest backdrops from drop it MODERN called greydient. Remember where you saw it first 😉
“JP will make ya.. jump! jump! Hayden Yund will make ya.. jump! jump!”.. Ah hah Ah hah (yeah I went there) believe that!
She’s so cute!
All the ladies love Dave!
This one’s super cute.. We’ll end with that! Congrats!!

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  1. Fabulous photos – as usual. I always enjoy checking out your blog, thanks for sharing. Really love the zingy colours in this one – the flowers are amazing. JP – where does ‘props’ come from? I can tell what you mean, but am not familiar with the word! Probably because I’m in a very small town in the middle of the UK!

  2. Awesome per usual JP! love the speech photo b/c it brings out Kirs Anns flowers! Is it September 18 yet?

  3. Jp and Joe, you two are without a doubt the best! The most professional, talented and fun photographers to work with. I will be recommending you to everyone I know, and I think you have made a customer for life!! LOL. Just looking at these shots brings me right back to that day! Thanks for capturing the most important day of our lives. It was truly something we will never forget!! THANK YOU!! 🙂

  4. Great stuff, as always. Do you find the photo booth to be a common option among couples hiring you? It’s an idea I’ve toyed with, and I’m curious what percentage of your packages are sold with a photo booth option included.

  5. Oh I love seeing the e-shots and seeing the wedding shots!!! I remember these guys 🙂 I love these photos. First of all, I LOVE how high those shoes are, and she’s still up to his shoulder 🙂 They make an adorable/very beautiful couple.

    I’ll say it again – do you see a bead of sweat from either Dave or Melissa? Mussed hair? Running makeup? NOPE! Not a bit. I wouldn’t believe it was that hot if I weren’t out in that heat myself a couple weeks back. WHEW! So onto the favorites.

    Well let’s just start with the first look. You know I love me a good first look. Emotion from the bride and groom – awesome. Very sweet. 🙂
    For all the heat, at least the light came out and did her thang! The light is just so soft but warm in these pics. The leaves just look like spring leaves, all yellowy green. Such color. All the pics outside the back of the hall are tops too with the light flaring in.

    The hall looks spectacular. Props Kris Ann! Love the little ball o’ flowers. So pretty, such color!!!! Between that and the centerpiece low-flower-tall-branches combo, I really loved the look of it all. So cool. Between the flowers and bridal party, such a light, summery feel.

    This just looked like a lot of fun! Great looking couple, happy, smiling (oh and I also love the Mr and Mrs shots down the aisle)… fun photo booth, beautiful bridal party, this is tops.

    Big Joe and JP – you guys have a way of keeping all the brides calm, cool and collected 🙂 Even on a 100 degree day. Nice work. Great stuff.

    Oh and Melissa – you look FABULOUS 🙂

  6. fan-freakin-tastic!!!!!!! i think my fave is where you re did the cut off head of the groom, LOL, sorry! but the b&ws are lovely, the bride was stunning, the flowers -OMG- wow. you’re right JP, your wife DOES kick ass. love this blog!!! again!!!! congratulations to Melissa and Dave!!!!

  7. Stunning bride, beautiful wedding, love the shoes and if it were as hot as you said it was JP they all looked so cool. I just have to say it is time to start an official Kris Ann Blog, her designs and ideas are brilliant .

  8. I love how every single blog you put up makes me even more excited for my own wedding! Beautiful pictures!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Beautiful wedding, her veil was so pretty and KrisAnn I love those trees what a great punch of color for the HOS! Photo booth shots are adorable, congrats to the happy couple!

  10. yay I have been waiting for this post!! What a great day everything went so perfectly! Great posts, I love all the shots of Melissa & Dave after the ceremony, the light is great. Thanks for all the love & compliments!

  11. Elario men you do it again! What a great day for a wedding regardless of the heat, Melissa and Dave were both troopers! It was so worth traipsing through the woods for those shots! Love, love, love it! Both Diane and I at In Your Dreams Event Productions were so happy to work with you all – love that photobooth! 🙂

  12. Kris Ann is off the CHAIN with these centerpieces!!! Those are going in the “someday” file in my brain!!

    Oh, and you did a great job with the photos too, of course 😉


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