melissa & jerome: boston style engagement session

From time to time I get the opportunity to shoot in some different locations and when that happens I’m all over it. Melissa & Jerome found me on the net while searching for wedding venues and liked what they saw. So they wanted me to come to Boston and shoot their engagement session. It’s very flattering actually. I’m sure there’s no lack of talented photogs in the Boston area either but I thank them for having me travel their way. I love shooting in Boston! There are so many cool little spots and alleys just screaming to be captured. So we spent a couple hours walking around and shooting in all types of spots. So enjoy the images below and remember we’ll travel anywhere!

Enjoy, leave love,

We set it off in a sweet spot near the Prudential Center.

Before the shoot I was walking around with my gear and a security guard told me this building in the background is off limits for “professional photos”. Maybe I should have told him I was an amateur? LOL. Little did he know I still got the shot. Ask for forgiveness not permission. 😉 Oh I love the image on the right too.

Some fountain action.

The backdrop looks like a painting huh?

One of my favorites all day.

Off to the gardens.

Weeping willow trees make such great backdrops. A perfect time for a wardrobe change.

You know I loved this spot!

Another fav of mine.

Acorn St is so flippin’ cool.

This is an iconic street in Beacon Hill.

I guess its a private street too. One resident poked her head out and told me so. She told me she has my picture on the “cameras” they have. So she’ll remember me. Too funny. The first and last locations of the day were “off limits” for photos.

Love the shot on the left. Awesome!

So fitting that I end with my iconic bling shot 😉 on an iconic street. Thanks for having me guys!

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