Wow! This is a big post with many many images. Blame Melissa and Jerome for having all kinds of awesome details. Melissa is a graphic designer so what do you expect? She didn’t miss a beat either. Everything was well thought out from the beginning with their  Save The Dates. They did a great job on everything, I was so impressed. You should remember this couple because I actually shot their engagement session last September in Boston. That was before we were even contracted to shoot their wedding. Obviously they must have liked me since I’m now blogging their wedding 😉 In fact, Melissa became quite the “blog stalker” over the past year. So much that she was kind enough to make a few red pins with our “E” and the word “BLOG STALKER” on them. How fun is that? It has to be one of the coolest things a brides ever done for me. Make sure next time you see me to ask for one because I have a box coming my way very soon! So I’ll hook ya up with some blog stalking “flair” for your wardrobe. But lets take it from the top….

We set things off quite early in the day with Jerome and the boys. They got their “Swagger” on. Thats right. Jerome arranged to have hot towel shaves for him and his three groomsmen for the day of the wedding at Saratoga’s hippest barber shop “Swagger”. What an awesome idea right? You never hear about what the guys do the day of the wedding. I imagine they sit around and wait for the moment to get into their tux and head to the ceremony site. Well, not this wedding. The owner Daniel Breen welcomed them into his shop with Pabst Blue Ribbon and fresh sandwiches from Putnam Market. The music was bumping and the flatscreen all ESPN’d out. Can I just say this place is awesome! Seriously fella’s you should consider doing this for your wedding. Daniel told me it’s quite popular and often you’ll see a groom to be and his boys enjoying a hot shave. Oh and btw its not just for men, ladies are welcome. One of the employees Jen was starting a foil so ladies you too should check it out. I’d link to Swaggers website but its currently in production so here’s the digits 518.260.2112.

After we hung with the guys we grabbed a bite in town then headed to Melissa and the ladies. They were at Saratoga Arms which is a sweet b&b in town. It’s a great location for getting ready if you ask me. On site, we had some Sparkle and some Fabulousness. Melissa had wedding planner Katie O’ on the scene making sure things ran smoothly. I’ll say it till I’m blue in the face get yourself a wedding planner, nuff said. When I walked in I noticed my logo on Alayne from Make Me Fabulous. I had to take a closer look. She was rocking one of those pins I mentioned above. It’s only appropriate since Alayne is one of my biggest blog stalkers aside from Mona of course. After the fabulousness was finished Melissa hopped into her gown and some sweet bouquets from Renaissance Floral Design showed up. We than began the photo session. The gentlemen awaited at Saratoga National. Jerome pumped and ready for his first look. I love the stuff we shot from that too! Then it was time for their ceremony. The tent looked spectacular where nothing went overlooked. Melissa and Jerome had some awesome personalized vows too. Really, what a special moment. After that we headed out for a little session at one of the many photogenic spots on Saratoga National’s golf course. To say I love those images is an understatement. Meanwhile upstairs awaited one hell of a ballroom. Again, the details never ended. Neither did the party! DJ Music Man Mike Garrasi was on point playing everything these guests wanted to hear. Another flawless event but thats what you get when you hire this area’s best. Melissa and Jerome it’s been a pleasure working with you guys! I hope you are enjoying every minute of that honeymoon in the Tahiti islands of Moorea and Bora Bora. I’m jealous. I hope you break your rule of not going “online” and sneak a peek at this one.  Thanks for being awesome.


11:00am… at Swagger..

I love the decor and details in this place!

Buckle up Jerome..

Owner Daniel Breen is one cool dude.. he’s an artist with that straight razor.

Look at that baby face.

“So fresh and so clean clean”

Beers were in order.. as all trips to the barber you get a lollipop too!

One of Daniel and the boys all hooked up.

and the details begin.. your welcome basket.

Not too shabby huh?

Ahh yeah aside from the Blog Stalker pin she made a Time to Sparkle pin for Katie O’.. This is a of course Alayne modeling them for us.

Finishing touches.

Some Renaissance bouquets..  got cabbage?

I loved this one of Melissa.

What a fun crew of ladies.. always laughing.

Oh you fancy huh?

Still laughing..

Sup playa’s?

Love this off camera Big Joe snagged..

He’s thinking “I wonder what the gown looks like?”

I love this view of their first look. It’s just perfect.. Nikon’s 300 2.8

The ceremony tent at Saratoga National by Renaissance Floral Design

A hankie for each parent with a message was waiting on their reserved seats.

More deigns by Melissa, I love talented people. Also its nice to see the images I took of them were put to good use.

Time to get married..

Their vows were awesome.

I’m a big fan of the fabric ceiling. It softens a tent so much.

Mr & Mrs..

That sweet 300mm of Big Joe’s

I think I’ve shot in every grassy field they offer since 2006 and I’ve never seen color like this at Saratoga National.

The light was just how I like it.. but it didn’t last very long.

This is probably my favorite one. It captures their personality so well..

Big Joe with the low angle… 300 2.8

My 200 1.8..

I teased this one on facebook Saturday morning.

I love this.. just a subtle way to keep their theme going.

Jerome getting all romantic.

A little configuration I happen to like..

At cocktail hour you might find one of my favorite stations..

I wasn’t the only person who got a pin. Aside from the official logo they said random things like “I’m a dance machine” “I heart weddings” and “Sorry I’m taken”

The ballroom at Saratoga National by Renaissance Floral Design and Melissa.

And for those with a sweet tooth..

Someone’s ready to party..


I’ll end with a Debbie Coye creation complete with logo and all..

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  1. these photo are soo good, i love each and every one of them.. you do a really good job. and i was at the wedding and it was sooo great and sweet. i loved it alot it is the best wedding that i have ever been to

  2. Okay, so we did sneak a peak in Tahiti… but on a bad display and slow connection…so could not wait to get home and see them for real! Great job on the images JP and Joe! We LOVE them!

  3. Melissa is not only talented she is a fountain of inspiration. I really wish her and Jerome were local. I would love to work with Melissa on a regular basis. I have so many awesome brides who come to me because they want perfection on their wedding day, I give it to them when it come’s to the flowers, linens, and look but this girl (Melissa) is straight up, smoking hot, unbelievably hard core talented. They came to me before they even had a wedding date and I am thrilled to say The Elario’s were on my list of Must Have! I knew when you jetted to boston to shot the engagement photo’s for a try out they were going to love you. They did! Some people are just not comfortable in front of the lens but I told them to be themselves and JP would do his magic. They were, you did, and look at the results!. Just beautiful. You rock! but you know that…… Looking forward to my 900 page book of awesome weddings we did together. “””””Thats not a coffee table book! its a LIBRARY”””””””

  4. Loved the attention to detail, loved the A team involved, and I am a little jeal.. that I DID NOT WEAR GREEN SHOES ON MY WEDDING DAY.. makes me want to get married all over again.. I heart Green, I heart JP and Big Joe.. and kudos to the Happy Couple for being blessed to work with such amazing people, have an amazing day, and have it all captured to hold onto for a lifetime…happy marriage, happy honeymoon

  5. i run across a lot of people in and out of my day to day……..there will only be 1 (one) photographer that a recommendation for ,will ever leave my mouth……these guys are professional, personable , impeccable , and all the rest…….and look at the work they put out…….have you ever seen such finer work ? it’s over, Joe Elario photography it has to be………

  6. To The Elario Men: FANTASTIC JOB… You guys were so much fun. Missy and Jerome are such fans of yours and now I think you made a few more..

  7. JP that was the quickest blog ever, Thank you , Thank you! Melissa, what can I say? You know I just love you, you are definitely a girly girl now! SO BEYOND FABULOUS! I am an official E blog stalker thanks to you and I have the pin to prove it! I will be ordering lotsa items from you in the future. Not only because they are fabulous, but so I can stay in touch with you. Katie O, I saw you pull things together in just meer moments and no one ever knew there was so much going on in the background. You truly impressed me! So much fabulousness and sparkle. Loved every image and every moment with you all!

  8. I agree. Wow. The details are amazing. As is the dream team of people working on this wedding. Way to go! Melissa you just created one of the most beautiful weddings ever. People will be using your ideas for years. Congrats! And of course the photos are the usual perfect. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  9. Woowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! Wow.

    Wow. WOW. Seriously, I’m speechless. This is by far the wedding with THE MOST attention paid to every single last detail. This is incredible. Talk about a theme, huh? From their save the dates (which I peeked at thanks to your link – adorrrrrable!) to well… everything… they kept that green there. The shoes, the socks, the buttons, the flowers, the everything. And I love the buttons. Also the hankies were such a sweet gesture (also themed). So so so well done. Seriously, sometimes when people theme it can go awry, but this was done 100% perfectly. Of course, I’m not surprised now knowing what melissa does!

    Melissa and Jerome – you two look fabulous. Really fabulous. Your eyes melissa just totally pop for the camera, you were glowing and gorgeous (fabulous) 🙂 And Jerome, you and your boys look super dapper – great idea on the shave. 🙂 I could go on about every picture, every single one has love, feeling, happiness, everything. I loved your engagement pics (lived in Beantown for 6 years) and I’m even more excited to see these now. Again, for the millionth time – these images are amazing. You two and every detail just knock out each pic.

    Big Joe and JP – you guys rock as usual 🙂

  10. Wow Joe & Jp…you truly captured the magic of the day, the details and the couple. It was, as always, a pleasure working with you both on this one! Thank you for making me sparkle!

  11. Now I understand why my daughter and new son in law, whould not even consider any other photographer. WOW!

  12. Love!! Talk about details… way to go Melissa with the Blog Stalker pins… I want one!!! Beautiful wedding, great shots!

  13. This is the perfect blog to admit my E Blog Stalker status and post my first comment! Incredible details and beautiful pictures! I especially love the custom programs and pins -so creative and unique! Congrats!

  14. This is the most awesome blog of pictures I have ever seen. Very impressed. Loved them all, especially the socks and shoes one. I can’t wait to order some of these pictures. LOVED IT!!!!

  15. OMG, I cannot get over these details! I could look at this for hours! more like this please! congrats to the happy bride and groom!

  16. Wow – I love this post, JP! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding with every, single detail thought of above and beyond. I love all of the green!


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