While on my way to Melissa’s parents beautiful home I had the AC kicking because it was HOT HOT HOT outside. For real, it was crazy hot! Like the kind of hot that makes weathermen lose it! Melissa and Matt’s all star vendors on the other hand, cool as cucumbers! Word. We don’t play! Haha. Ok, have I gone too far?  Alayne Curtis, and her crew from Make Me Fabulous we’re on this one which only meant one thing, stunning girls for me to photograph. Melissa’s bridesmaids were all stunning, although I must say Melissa stoled the show! Also another favorite of mine was in the heezy! Thats wedding coordinator, Katie O’! She always keeps the day moving right along while smiling or as she’d say “sparkling”. After our bride Melissa was dressed we did our pre-ceremony pics and had all kinds of fun doing them too! I especially enjoyed that Melissa’s father, Vic hung around while we photographed the girls and laughed at my bad jokes! Good times.

Next stop, Saratoga National Golf Club! A beautiful ceremony space created by, David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design awaited for all the guests to fill up. Matt and the fella’s showed up and we captured them under the overhang entrance of SNGC. It’s a great spot to photograph the guys. It’s also one of the only shaded areas ;). We all know I’m not going to put 9 guys (& the cutest ring bearer ever, we’ll get to that later) in black tuxes in the sun! After that, these two got married. Did I mention it was hot? 😉 We moved things right along after their nuptials and got all our group photos done! Al Woodard and myself then took Melissa and Matt out for some bride and groom photos! The grounds were incredible!! From that point on it was pretty much on auto-pilot, as thats just how the crew from Saratoga National operates! Throw in some great entertainment by the one and only DJ Fernando Bustamante and there you have it! All fun, all night. Oh and also, Melissa and Matt opted for the super fun Elario Photo Booth and our girl Hayden rocked it for them!

Melissa and Matt, we can’t say thank you enough for choosing us to capture this super special day for you both! It was an honor to have been the ones documenting your day! We not only enjoyed getting to know you guys, but your families and friends as well. Hope to be seeing you all sometime soon at Cassie and Lauren’s big days! 😉 😉 I hope you both are sipping mai tai’s while reading this!


Just incase you didn’t see their engagement session I posted last September..

Shhh… the dress is sleeping..

The Manolo’s..

Getting made Fabulous!

Loving this ring shot.. our former bride, (also good friend of Melissa) designed all the stationary for this wedding.

Some sweet details..

Donna and Cassie, help Melissa get ready.. Wow… she’s beautiful..

Especially loving the braid..

A first look with dad (Cassie’s taking notes for when it’s her turn)

Wow, right? Bonus points if you can name the two weddings we shot where two of the bridesmaids were also bridesmaids in.

All kinds of flowers by,  David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design

I know I’ve said this a thousand times but I love, love, love, when a bride wears her hair down!

One more..

Matt and the fellas..

We all know I try to avoid putting little kids in weddings on my blog but this little secret service ring bearer was awesome! Had more swagga than swag!

The ceremony tent by,  David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design

Melissa and Dad..

I love this moment after their first kiss.

Mr & Mrs..

Melissa having fun with the big fans in the ceremony tent… work it girl!

It didn’t take Matt long to steal the thunder… or at least try to. Yup, this is what I was working with. Matt, this should totally be your profile pic.

The bridal party..

How gorgeous?

That red headed wedding planner likes forehead kisses so here you go Katie O’ (that totally rhymed. **brushes shoulder off**)

It was hard for them not to laugh and smile all day..

Oh you killed the configuration.. Killed it!!

My facebook teaser image!

See? Still laughing and smiling..

Saratoga National Ballroom by,  David Michael Schmidt of Renaissance Floral Design

Way to go DMS of RFD on this color palette. I loved it..

First dance.. Also, notice the center dance floor. I think this is one of the nicest and smartest upgrades you can make to this ballroom!

I’m loving this series from their first dance..

Back outside for that warm light!

So pretty..


Ok so this bridesmaid decided it would be cool to call me “PJ” all day and night.. who’s having the last laugh now Miss Adrienne? 😉 (ps… totally told her I was going to blog this, although I’m not sure if she remembers) hahah!!

Haha, good times!

Oh yeah, they had amazing fireworks too!!!

Loving that Melissa and Matt picked “black keys” for their photo booth!

Such a special image to me! All Elario Photography brides and grooms! From the left… Maggie & Joe, Melissa & Matt (duh), Melissa and Andrew and newly engaged and future Elario bride and groom, Brooke and Mark. (all used and are using the Elario Photo Booth too!)

So fun!!

Congrats you two!!

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  1. I’m going to go ahead and guess Maggie and Melissa had bridesmaid overlaps right? Ok Melissa I know because I checked the blog, Maggie I’m just guessing given she’s on here. (Congrats btw) 🙂

    Ok so where do I start? Oh the beginning love story. Love that they have such a long history together. LOVE that Melissa has her hair down too, I’m a big fan.

    Um, can we skip to the secret service agent ring bearer? Seriously? With the headset and all? Freakin’. Adorable. (Oh no wait, he doesn’t want to hear that he’s adorable, let me rephrase). Bad@ss!! (and adorable) 🙂

    The fields once again provide that romantic backdrop that’s just amazing. And I love how she and matt were competing for the fan. That fan totally should have been present at the photo booth!!! Seriously! (And where’s our picture of Hayden?)

    The configuration is AWESOME!!!!!! Among the best!

    And excuse me, the “I do” “Me too” forks are over the top sweet. 🙂 I love this. Lots of love here for these two. You look happy, joyful, as well you should. Congratulations!!! 🙂

  2. Finally had time to see these on a big computer screen instead of my phone! JP & Joe, I just love the shots you took, the details you captured, the reactions you clicked and the scenes you put together. I could not be happier with the results. Thanks to those who left such sweet comments! (Alayne, I love YOU!)

  3. Entire wedding is beautiful – but the ‘configuration shot’ is AMAZING, pretty sure that should go on a wall in the Elario office !

  4. This looked like an AWESOME wedding. The couple clearly couldn’t stop smiling, they are adorable! the pics are FANTASTIC… maybe some of your best. Everything just came together perfectly for these shots… This might be my fav. blog post!

  5. Absolutely amazing photos. Melissa, you are such a stunning bride! Everything was perfect. So glad to be a part of your day and thanks JP for the shout out!!

  6. Where do I even start on this one??! Amazing. Fun. Elegant. Personal. Beautiful. Sparkling. There are so many words to use to describe this day! The team in place combined with 2 amazing families and bridal party made this SUCH a picture perfrect day. I have so many favorites on this post- the shoe shot is awesome… books and Manolo’s together are a perfect match for this bride! The shot of David Michael Schmidt’s gorgeous bouquets is so beautiful. The configuration shot is one of my all time favs. AND pretty much the “still laughing and smiling” shot sums up the day perfectly…Melissa and Matt are the cutest team and I know they will have the most perfect “happily ever after!” Thank you Joe’s for capturing this day so perfectly!! xoxox

  7. JP are you kidding me with these. Yup perfection everywhere!!! Melissa and her family are soooooo awesome, you just wanted everything to be perfect for them. I wish everyday could be Melissa and Matts wedding day!! Melissa, the braid, love! Love the eyebrows, OMG did you see how perfect they are. The makeup and hair, I wouldn’t change a thing. Especially in the the fan shots!!!! Thank you, thank you. I am so happy that I got to know you and your family. Love, love, love you!!!

  8. Perfection! The images are flawless !!! M&M you two are precious!!! 😉 thank you so much for having the photo booth!!!!!!! Your family and friends were so much fun!!!! Have the best time in Hawaii!!!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous pictures JP! You wouldn’t know how hot it was out by looking at your photos. You make everyone look so cool! Can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  10. Loving this blog an the fact that all the vendors she had are going to be my vendors. Makes me even love it more. I love her getting ready and her shoes!!!! I also love the field shots! And the colored umbrellas in the photo booth were awsome. Amazing job!!! Duh!!!!!!