melissa & matt’s engagement session!

I’ve been looking forward to shooting this engagement session for some time now. Shoot, we only have been trying to get our e shoot on since June! Anyway Melissa and Matt are one of those couples that I just clicked with from the start. I clicked with an enthusiastic, excited and  just engaged Melissa back in March when she started emailing me about her July 14th 2012 wedding. As they say the early bird always gets the worm! We went back and forth on where to shoot this thing and ultimately ended up setting it of at Shaker Junior High where these two first met. Matt also proposed to Melissa there as well! I like this type of stuff. After we photographed at the school they changed clothes and got their “grown up” on around the corner at Schuyler Meadows Club. Anyway it was a blast and July 14th 2012 can’t come quick enough!


Where it all began.

Meet Melissa and Matt who met in technology class..

In Houston Hall

I was loving the lockers thing..

I told him to “Zack Morris” her.. I was so addicted to Saved by the Bell. Go Bayside!

one more in front of the lockers.. I like this one.

telling secrets in class..

Meanwhile outside we got into an Elario Configuration..

Melissa had these shirts made.. I love the light btw..

Oh watch out now… You’re the bomb Melissa.

Now we’re all grown up in our grown up clothes..

I like this one…

aaahhh a little light.

This place is really wonderful to shoot at.

Fun little series..

another favorite right here.

if there’s a field I’ll find it..

My facebook teaser that blew the hell up! 55 likes and 36 comments! Wow thank you ALL for the love! Does this mean I should print this big for the wall?

I always love the first signs of fall..

and of course an Elario engagement session is never complete without my token “bling shot”

haha and a goofy face one.. Matt, you win on that.. Thanks guys!!!!!!!!

next one

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