meredith and john’s albany engagement session

Ok let the season begin! Starting now, fresh new content and lots of it! We’ll begin with an engagement session I shot last week in downtown Albany. Have any of you locals ever been to Garden Bistro 24? Well thats John’s restaurant and its gooooood! Whats not to like about fresh locally grown food? Anyway Meredith managed to pull John away from the restaurant for an evening so we could do this shoot. I enjoyed this session as shooting in downtown Albany is pretty much second nature to me. I always get good stuff in our little city. Stay tuned for their wedding in August as I’m looking forward to getting these two back in front of my lens.


Lets meet the couple.. Meredith & John.

a little snuggle on the Hudson..

This pedestrian bridge has been up for I don’t even know how many years and I’ve never shot a couple on it…. It’s got a nice view of Albany.

I take shots like this all the time during my sessions because I believe you can never give a couple enough close ups. I especially liked this one..

Also, love me a configuration like this.

Outfit #2

she’s so pretty..

Messing up someones grass 😉

A little burst of light..

Loving the b&w with all the texture.

Oh hey there pretty lady..

My favorite spot in all of Albany.

loving this one.

I’m told this is classic Meredith right here.

and of course my token “bling shot”

oh and one with yours truly 😉

next one

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