Meredith & Nick’s Camp Fowler Wedding Photos

Yet another "new venue alert" for the Elario blog! This is the season for new spots huh? In fact Meredith and Nick's Camp Fowler wedding photos are number 10 of 11 new venues debuting on the blog this season!

Just over a year ago (September 18th to be exact) Meredith booked us for her and Nick’s wedding. The only thing was she didn’t have a ring yet. She had her dream venue locked down and I guess her favorite photographer too. 😉 You see Meredith works for Christine Wheat Special Events Firm part time so she’s in the industry and knows if you want to lock down people you need to be ahead of the game. So I waited for the text from Mere that would tell me she and Nick were engaged. On October 11, 2012 (10.11.12) I received a text from Mere and it was a photo of her diamond on her hand. It was official and it was time to start planning and we all know she had a hookup when it came to the planning part. 😉

Saturday September 21st, 2013 was the date! Overall it was a great day. When we arrived to Camp Fowler there were rumblings of rain, go figure huh? After all what would a wedding be in 2013 without rain? I really wasn’t concerned with the weather on this one. For some reason I knew it would all work out because it always does. And it did! In the cabin was Meredith and company listening to tunes, snacking and overall having a good time getting ready. Christine Wheat was eager to give us a tour of Camp Fowler and show us all the photo opportunities this place had to offer. What an awesome location for a wedding! After our tour I couldn’t wait to start shooting and so we began our photos. I made it a point to photographically attack this place and try to hit all the good spots, I think we did pretty good.

Another nice thing about Camp Fowler is the fact that they have a chapel on the property.  It’s got really nice natural light that pours in as well as all the warm wood tones make for pretty photos. It was now time to cue the ceremony. I think C Dubs (Christine Wheat) was feeling a little emotional as she prepared to help Meredith get ready to walk down the aisle. After all, Meredith began her journey back in 2011 as an intern. Christine said to me at the first wedding I had with Meredith something like, “Let me know what you think of the intern Meredith. I really like her and will probably be asking her to join the team.” This was the same wedding where Meredith told me to “speed it up” so instantly I loved her! Anyway back to the ceremony.. I just loved this location and all it offered. Their ceremony had substance and a nice song sung by bridesmaid, Maggie. Homegirl can sing too!

After the ceremony we did all of our family and bridal party photos down on the beach. As usual that went perfect especially since C Dub’s, Bianca had the photo list. We rocked them extended families out with the quickness. One of my favorite parts of the days was seeing their faces when they had the “reveal” of their ballroom. I must say Meredith and Nick had a vision and trusted none other than the amazingly talented Fleurtacious Designs with their design. That’s an ultimate compliment to Fleurtacious Designs since Meredith has been to many weddings and events and knew Kris Ann would knock it out of the park for her and Nick. I too loved the ballroom. Kris Ann referred to it as “Adirondaks n’ glitter” so fun!

Meredith and Nick, we all can’t say “thank you” enough for having us be part of your dream team on September 21st 2013. You both as Hayden would say “really did it”. The wedding was beautiful, your friends and family were all awesome to spend the day with and most importantly you guys made it pretty darn easy for us! I wish you the very best for all the years ahead and hope you’re enjoying Jackson Hole!! What are the odds we were just there too? Anyway..  love you and congrats!!


Here’s one from their engagement session this past May..
The cabin Meredith and the girls got ready in along with their stationery..
Some details..
Meredith’s sister, Sarah did her hair and they bickered only the way siblings should, so cute.
First glimpse of our beautiful bride..
The getting ready gals…
Love these!
Our bride!
Mere was working the camera huh?
One of our groom, Nick and his finishing touches..
She loves her bouquet, duh everyone who uses Fleurtacious does. 😉
a little detail/tribute to Grandma.
Our ladies..
Loving the ones on the porch too..
A fun little detail to that amazing bouquet.. pin away, ladies..
Her eyes even in b&w are amaze!
One more.. loving the contrast of these fleurs against the wood..
David Yurman makes em smile always..
as does a nice Burberry timepiece.
or a gift to Mom can bring out a few tears..
The fellas in front of the chapel sign.
looking sharp, Nick..
How pretty is this place?
time to make it official..
Love this chapel!
He couldn’t take his eyes off of her..
Brides to be: don’t forget your bouquet when walking down the aisle.. 😉
Mr & Mrs…
I love this.. probably one of my favorites from the whole day..
Grab a rock..
and now it’s time for some b&g stuff..
They’re troopers for scaling these rocks…
Such a pretty scene..
Amazing.. the first official day of fall and it’s literately colored like the middle of fall..
ok.. time to see your ballroom..
Fenimore Hall is another building on the property of Camp Fowler where the reception was held.
Details by Meredith right here..
Camp Fowler by Fleurtacious Designs..
“Adirondack’s n’ glitter”
Isn’t this place awesome?
Also a sweet candy table too..
They love it!
a few more on this porch…
bling it in..
I love these..
Rock out that configuration..
making an entrance..
1st dance..
Ok now the blog is complete because Mama Donna is in the pic!
Such a cute moment with C Dubs..
a few more b&g pics because I said so..
Minutes later it would rain for the remainder of the evening..
Love this one.. my personal #1 favorite.
back to the party..
You would have sworn when Maggie was singing here it was the album track… she rocks.
How awesome was the lace backdrop from drop it MODERN?
Funny.. Nick too is Nick DeCelle.. you remember them right?
Congrats and thank you both again and again!!


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