Oh boy, where do I start with this one? I’ve known Meredith since June of 2011. We met when she was an intern for Christine Wheat and coincidentally the first wedding I met her at was at the Fenimore Art Museum when she told me to “speed it up” while taking a group photo. Since then we’ve worked together numerous times as she went on to become on of Christine’s event directors. While working with Meredith I’d hear a lot about her boyfriend, Nick. Then on October 11, 2012 I got a text from Meredith, it was a picture of her newly bling’d out hand!  Almost immediately Meredith and Nick scooped up our last free Saturday open in September of 2013.

Since Meredith and Nick became engaged the quest for a different engagement session location began. We toyed with all types of locations for this shoot, Cooperstown ultimately took the cake. Meredith commented on how she liked a photo I took from the first wedding we worked together so I thought why not head to that location? It was a perfect evening for shooting with nice light and a great looking couple. What more can you ask for? So below is a collection of some of my favorites! Thanks again to Meredith and Nick, we’ll see you both in 4 months!


Meet Meredith and Nick..
pretty light..
The Farmers Museum had some sweet backdrops for sure.
Oh I love these!!
Outfit #2…
I freaking LOVE this one!!
The back of the Fenimore Art Museum is so pretty!
Another fav from the second set.
Outfit #3
I want that light (but smaller) for my house! I really love these two images paired together.
the 200mm 1.8L never lets me down! Who loves her dress?
Oh hey now!
This couple is seriously stunning..
This is another fav..
gotta toss in a b&w..
and we’ll end with my #1 favorite from the whole day!
and of course as always my token “bling shot”
and the turnaround for fun! see you both soon!


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