michele & chris: glen sanders mansion

Keeping with the theme of families having us back again I’d be crazy if I didn’t mention the Mannato family. Back in 2008 we shot their daughter Heathers wedding and it was just great. We quickly started a great friendship with this family. The Mannato’s are good people too, I love that Michel and her Mom are both big DMB fans. Arriving at the Mannato home we were greeted by a bunch of happy bridesmaids and a happy bride too! It was like deja vu. Wasn’t I just here? Well, that was two years ago. Michele had all her getting ready details all laid out for me too. So after we finished shooting the getting ready stuff if was outdoors for some photos! Michele and her girls all looked great! We had another former JEP bride Josepha on site too. It was nice to see her and her little man Andrew, he was styling and dodging camera’s. After our session at the Mannato home we headed to the church to meet up with Chris and his boys. After their mass it was time to get the partying started. Thats where Glen Sanders and the Karen Lawrence Band came in. How nice to see Karen and the band, they sounded great and had quite a few new tunes in their arsenal. The party was fun too, when guests weren’t dancing they were chowing down on that awesome Glen Sanders dessert station. It was fun shooting with Al Woodard too that day, last time I saw him was in late June. All and all, this wedding was fun to close the month of July with. Not only that, but it was super flattering to be asked back to shoot a second wedding for the Mannato family. We appreciate the love and love you guys right back. Michele and Chris, congrats to you both!!


Michele’s mother Mary Ann was just smiling all day long…

Awww look its my buddy Heather here helping Michele get ready.

Andrew wanted no part of the camera until all the ladies were posing. I don’t blame ya player.

Oooh look at that good light hitting Michele..

What a happy bride.


Part of Big Joe’s “groom just before” series.

Look at all the different emotions in this image, I love it.

I love churches with good light.

Love this b&w.

Boy was it bright out there. No clouds at all this day!

We’ll get back to the b&g stuff a little later.

Mr & Mrs..

I told you we’d get back to this.

oh yeah! fav from the day.

the facebook teaser that somehow 7 people got tagged in lol.

classic but with butter (the light)

loving the colors in this.

thats a wrap! he carried her home.. nah I’m playing.. congrats!

next one

missy & tom tie the knot