How great to be back with the same families again? It’s always an honor when we are asked to shoot a wedding and it came from a direct result of a past wedding. Well thats how Missy & Tom’s wedding came about. Lets take it back to the summer of 2008 when I met Betsy (Missy’s cousin and MOH) at Frank Adams. Long story short, Betsy helped me find Kris Ann’s engagement ring and then we ended up shooting her an Brian’s wedding last summer. You remember that right? Anyway Missy was Betsy’s maid of honor and thats when we first met. Both girls got ready at Missy’s parents home in Johnstown and both girls got married at the same church. At both weddings we ended up heading back to Missy’s parents home after their ceremonies because the property was so nice for photos. Only this time after the photos we stayed on site for the festivities. This property was perfect to host an outdoor event. Aside from Missy’s fathers awesome landscaping and attention to detail the lower portion of the property was nice and flat, open and screaming for a tent with 225 plus people. Missy and Tom’s day was full of emotion too. Every time you turned around someone was wiping a tear or just ear to ear in smiles and laughter. It was great to see Missy’s family again and meet Tom’s as well. I will say and I speak for Big Joe too, we just love shooting in that church, it has some great color, detail and light! The party was fun too, I’m not sure the connection of the band and Missy but for some reason I think she mentioned a family relation? Anyhow they were totally fun and had people up on their feet all night long. Missy and Tom, we thank you MUCH for having us around for your big day. Like I said earlier, its an honor to work with the same family more than once and we appreciate your awesomeness. Keep smiling.


Last time I was at this home I took a ring shot that was just awesome (see betsys wedding link above) so the pressure was on.. I thought this was fun.

Also since Missy’s father put so much work into his beautiful yard it was only right I used that too..

meanwhile inside Missy was getting her finishing touches..

June 5, 2009 and July 30, 2010… two great maid of honors.

hey ladies!

must have been something I said?

watch out now.. Missy is stunning!

just incredible.

whats up fella’s?

Tom waiting to see his bride…

Here she is!

all I can think to write here is “ready?”

They let you shoot some stuff from the back of the church. Pretty cool.

Mr & Mrs..

The wedding site.

Classic goodness.

oh and that good good light!

the facebook teaser

All the color!

I love this little series.

party time!

Shout out to Betsy, not a dry eye in the house… great toast, great seeing you and Brian.

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  1. Congrats MIssy and Tom!!! Such great pictures JP and a beautiful couple…and beautiful FAJ rings!!!

  2. Joe and JP – Absolutely wonderful pictures of a wonderful wedding. You certainly captured the love between Missy and Tom. I love the pictures of Missy and Tom in the gardens. The Bride/MOH shots are so special. I know that Betsy and Missy will treasure those pictures for ever. Thank you for capturing the day for my two special young ladies. (Mona, thanks for all your kind words!)

  3. Joe & JP – I’ve been looking forward to this post since Tom & Missy said they’d spoken to you! Beautiful photos and great seeing you again! Marty, the landscaping looked spectacular – congrats Miss & Tom!

  4. Joe and Jp – It was awesome to see you both again! These pictures are sooo gorgeous. I love love the picture of Miss and Tom looking at each other towards the end. I can’t wait until I can look at all of the pictures with them! Thanks so much for everything, and we look forward to seeing you again when the rest of our unmarried cousins get engaged (or at FAJ of course)!

    – Bets 🙂

  5. Awesome! That’s so sweet, I’m honored to have any following on this blog of such fabulous photographers. I have to say it though, you guys really nail it every time… also people spend so much time figuring out all the details – months, years even – and you guys capture every meaningful detail, moments. Everything. So I’m happy to comment on great work, and great subjects. 🙂
    btw – the tent – spectacular. Congrats again guys!

  6. Missy & Tom & families .. thank you all & another big “Congratulations”.
    As we bid the Mom’s “good night” one of their comments . . ” just can’t wait to see what Mona has to say ” She has an official “cult following”.

  7. I adore the second to last picture- what a great photo. You managed to capture a real moment between the B&G. That’s what photography is all about!

  8. Wow!!! Thank you so much for posting these shots of Missy and Tom’s wedding! The first thing Missy said when she got engaged is “I want the Elario’s to photograph the wedding!” It is so clear why, you guys are not just photographers but true artists! You can just feel the happiness between Missy and Tom! It was truly a special day for our families and you captured the mood beautifully! Missy and Betsy (MOH) have a very special relationship, love the side by side shots of them in reverse roles! I love the flower shot of the rings! Thank you sooo very much from the bottom of my heart!

  9. i know i’ve said this before but I love how you guys capture the real moments…like the 2nd to last sweet, yay!

  10. These are absolutely beautiful, JP – love it! The ring shots are always some of my favorite images that you capture. I love how creative you get.

  11. I just met Betsey recently and said, “Where do I know you from?”.. She said I was on The Elario’s Blog. She is so stinkin cute! And such a handsome couple!

  12. Ohhhh I love this! I really love how you capture the emotion on their faces throughout the day – Tom looking at her as he’s placing the ring on her finger, the toast by the MOH as they look at eachother… father and daughter walking down the aisle, everything! The property, you’re right, is so perfect. Oh I was spotting all the flower (I <3 Hydrangeas), so great. Love the Bride-MOH pics side by side too. And the CHURCH. The church. Wow. All of these are just fantastic. And Missy looks beautiful, so at ease, Tom as well. Congratulations guys!!!! This looked like a wonderful time, and I wish you all the best! 🙂

    Nice ring shots too – very cool with the silver and on the flower 😀 Way to go Big Joe and JP 🙂 Amazing work as usual, seems like a GREAT family to work with yet again 🙂

  13. Yay! Another blog post! I love this one! The ring shot on the flower is just awesome! Sooo pretty! All the pictures are great (of course!) but I especially love all the special moments you captured between the bride and groom (like the one of the groom as the bride is walking down the aisle!) SO cute! 🙂 Another great job guys!

  14. I was at this wedding….fantastic pictures…you really captured the beauty of the church and reception…but the bride and groom pictures are absolutely over the top!!@!!!!gorgeous!!!
    Chris P