missy & tom tie the knot

How great to be back with the same families again? It’s always an honor when we are asked to shoot a wedding and it came from a direct result of a past wedding. Well thats how Missy & Tom’s wedding came about. Lets take it back to the summer of 2008 when I met Betsy (Missy’s cousin and MOH) at Frank Adams. Long story short, Betsy helped me find Kris Ann’s engagement ring and then we ended up shooting her an Brian’s wedding last summer. You remember that right? Anyway Missy was Betsy’s maid of honor and thats when we first met. Both girls got ready at Missy’s parents home in Johnstown and both girls got married at the same church. At both weddings we ended up heading back to Missy’s parents home after their ceremonies because the property was so nice for photos. Only this time after the photos we stayed on site for the festivities. This property was perfect to host an outdoor event. Aside from Missy’s fathers awesome landscaping and attention to detail the lower portion of the property was nice and flat, open and screaming for a tent with 225 plus people. Missy and Tom’s day was full of emotion too. Every time you turned around someone was wiping a tear or just ear to ear in smiles and laughter. It was great to see Missy’s family again and meet Tom’s as well. I will say and I speak for Big Joe too, we just love shooting in that church, it has some great color, detail and light! The party was fun too, I’m not sure the connection of the band and Missy but for some reason I think she mentioned a family relation? Anyhow they were totally fun and had people up on their feet all night long. Missy and Tom, we thank you MUCH for having us around for your big day. Like I said earlier, its an honor to work with the same family more than once and we appreciate your awesomeness. Keep smiling.


Last time I was at this home I took a ring shot that was just awesome (see betsys wedding link above) so the pressure was on.. I thought this was fun.

Also since Missy’s father put so much work into his beautiful yard it was only right I used that too..

meanwhile inside Missy was getting her finishing touches..

June 5, 2009 and July 30, 2010… two great maid of honors.

hey ladies!

must have been something I said?

watch out now.. Missy is stunning!

just incredible.

whats up fella’s?

Tom waiting to see his bride…

Here she is!

all I can think to write here is “ready?”

They let you shoot some stuff from the back of the church. Pretty cool.

Mr & Mrs..

The wedding site.

Classic goodness.

oh and that good good light!

the facebook teaser

All the color!

I love this little series.

party time!

Shout out to Betsy, not a dry eye in the house… great toast, great seeing you and Brian.

next one

engagement shoot with elaine & dale