mona & andrew: engagement session

So it’s about time our#1 fan signed up to do an engagement session right? Well to all of you who might be new to this blog or just don’t know who Mona is, you can find out more here in this post. But wait, what about Andrew?  Oh yeah the fiance. It’s his turn to shine in a blog post too. I can’t say enough good things about these two. Although I might know Mona better, by the end of the shoot I felt like Andrew was one of my boys. They’re just a great couple thats totally in love, I could tell how into each other they were while I was shooting. Even though it took some time to get everyone together for this shoot and I’m glad we did because the images that I came home with were awesome. I’m really digging that dirty gritty spot but I’ll never tell you where it is 😉 Seriously is it November 6, 2009 yet? Because we’re stoked to shoot this event. Be sure to check back for that blog post. Oh and be sure to tell us what you think of this session by commenting below after all Mona comments on all yours!

Enjoy, leave love,

We set it off simple with some nice light.

All the patterns and lines are fun.

b&w style

Mona just climbed up into this window… let’s see if she’s that courageous on wedding day. How bout them boots?

Love these two.

I really like these steps.

So they switched up their outfits and I found an awesome spot. Easily my favorite image.

Isn’t that light just awesome?

All the dust and dirt being backlit is so cool.

I’m all about shapes and patterns…

A fun little series.

So this little b&w here was just kinda of a “not ready yet” shot but I really like it.

The last seconds of that gold stuff…

And then the light gets blue…. How fun are they? Don’t you love Mona’s curls?

Mona had to bust a move before the bling shot… Hope she doesn’t get mad at me for posting this.

I like how in my token “bling shot” Andrew’s just about to kiss her.

next one

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