Hey there! So sorry for my delay on the blog scene. Things are super busy around here at JEP. Sure we might only  have 3 weddings left on the season but the holidays are just nutty. So many deadlines, so many holiday shoots, cards, orders… you get the gist. If I owe you an email I apologize, I will get to it I promise. So for this week I am going to try my hardest to crank out 3-5 blog posts. This is one of the 3-5 so just keep your eyes out!

So by now we all should know who Mona is and we also should know who Andrew is from their engagement session right? Well Friday November 6th 2009 was the day these two became one. The day started off at the hotel where Mona and her ladies were getting ready and getting some finishing touches by Alayne from Make Me Fabulous. Mona was totally herself in a relaxed state of mind goofing off and being totally photogenic while doing so. We quickly captured some getting ready shots of Mona and then were off to the Hall of Springs where Mona & Andrew’s very cool videographer 😉 Al Woodard was waiting for us. Mona then arrived with the ladies and while it was freezing cold we opted to shoot outdoors. Aside from Mona, her bridesmaids too were totally cool for it being so cold! Seriously I think it was like 40 and windy. Brrrrr! So during that quick little session and the limo that dropped off Mona and the ladies picked up Andrew and the fellas. We got our guy shots while the ladies warmed up and Mona reapplied some lip stuff. After keeping poor Andrew waiting for a couple minutes in the cold his bride to be walked up behind him and they had their first look! Among others, Mona was the first person to contact me minutes after my first look video blog was posted and wanted to do it! If you havent seen that video post its the fifth little b&w icon down over in the top right corner of this site in my featured videos section. Another thing about their first look is yeah our photos capturing it are cool but no cooler than Al Woodards video footage of it, go check it out now it might even make you tear up. After the first look we shot our butts off while freezing them off at the same time. The orange color in some of their photos was seriously the only foliage left in Saratoga Springs as far as I’m concerned. After their wedding I declared fall is over! Then it was time to tie the knot. Mona & Andrew had a traditional ceremony however it might look a little different thats because they wanted to ad a little Persian twist for a visual component. The wedding went late in the evening with the New York Players and yes the “late in the evening” was a pun. The Players straight up own this number and should you be lucky enough to ever attend an event they play at look out for that jam.

So for words, thats all I got today folks. I’ll let the photos do the talking but not without thanking the families of Mona & Andrew for being awesome! We also want to thank Mona & Andrew for trusting us with their big day! I know Fiji’s got to be awesome guys!

Enjoy, leave love. Seriously, leave love! Mona’s left you all crazy love. Even you silent blog stalkers best come out your shell and leave the queen of commenting some words!


Like I mentioned. She’s a total goof….

However that goofy face from above just transformed into a beautiful bride. I just love how Mona’s so laid back while there’s all this chaos behind her!

I know it was cold but so worth it!

As I mentioned above incase you didnt read. Go check out Al Woodards video of this awesome first look!

Love these!

Talking about some warm colors to make a cold day feel good!

One of my favs from the day.

The monochromatic is simply beautiful.

This is the same image thats in the header of this post but in color however I really like it as a b&w too.

Back to that orange color. I could not get enough of it!

I love the romantic feel of this one how he’s pulling her in.

This one is awesome too!

The Hall of Spring along with some of their entrance photos..

Oh snap he’s bout to dip her!

As if this couple did not brave the cold enough for us. I wanted to drag them out for just 3 more minutes…

It was worth it! Congrats guys!

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  1. Alberto Fanizzi says:
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    Wonderful post! We will be linking to this great article on our website. Keep up the good writing.
  2. Thank you so much for all your fantastic work, you two captured every special moment beautifully. We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with you, and we will cherish these pictures for a lifetime!

  3. Oh Mona, the pictures are fantastic, everybody here at Affiliated Physicians loved them, congrads!

  4. Joe and Jp truely created photos that captured Mona and Andrew on their day. Thanks for giving all of us those wonderful memories for a lifetime!

  5. Ha! You can spot a Persian from a Mile away 🙂
    Your Sofreh Aghd was so beautiful! I was so excited to see it!
    Good luck to you both!

  6. So Good! Looks like it was a GREAT wedding!
    Glad to see you are a pro at doing Persian Weddings :).
    Good luck to you-Mona and Andrew! Enshalah Moboraketoon Basheh!

  7. Mona and Andrew’s wedding…What a beautiful event, everything about this wedding was ellegant,….and the Pictures are fan-tas-tic, He is really a brilliant artist…I really enjoyed the first look clip, what a great idea,…thanks for sharing

  8. Mona and Andrew, you guys look so so happy! And Mona, you look beautiful! So happy for the both of you! The pictures are amazing and beautiful. Makes me want to go back and get married all over again! Lots of Love, Little Liz

  9. Back home now and had to comment again. I can’t stop looking at these – they are so beautiful. You really captured the feel of everything and I can’t thank you enough. Can’t decide which pic I like best! So many. Love the lighting outside, it brings out the pink in the dress 🙂

    Yes, that’s right, the dress was blush colored. 🙂

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful sweet comments. Joe and JP are truly incredible! And Al, you too! You were all freezing your butts off for us. Love you guys!!!!!!

  10. Mona and Andrew…awesome couple…Andrew is so happy marrying you Mona…happy for both of you…waiting to see you back in US…have fun
    p.s: JP’s photography is amazing…

  11. MONA!!! Wow. No words. Beautiful couple and amaaaazing shots. Mona, you deserve 100 comments for all the LOVE you left us 🙂 Congrats!

  12. Having known Mona for A VERY long time, I can tell you I have never seen her so happy and content. May everyone have a chance in their lifetime to witness this type of love that I was blessed to share on Nov. 6. Your pictures of this amazing event are true pieces of art. The video of the “first” look indeed brought tears to my eyes. I wish they took you to Fiji with them since she hasn’t posted a SINGLE picture of thier honeymoon in paradise!!

  13. We are spending our last few hours in Fiji, and this brightened our day 🙂 We will write more upon our return, but these are SO SO SO SO SO beautiful. I can hardly believe it’s us in the photos, like an out of body experience. 🙂 You both really captured this day so beautifully for us, and I cannot thank you enough for… everything. I was tearing up looking at some of these, and laughing (love the first look). Thank you so much for being such a big part of our special day. It means so much to us. I will comment again on this post, but I just had to say how much this made my day as we’re leaving our honeymoon. We love you guys 🙂

  14. mona you looked beautiful! congrats to you and andrew! Jp, I love that you posted a wedding ring shot (it’s been a while) AND my favorites are the pics at the end in the pine trees, just lovely! Al’s video is crazy-love the song-love the shots of andrew’s feet-love the moment, it gave me the chills!

  15. From one Elario bride to another – Mona you looked beautiful and you can tell you two really enjoyed your day. Have a great honeymoon.

  16. Mona – these pictures are absolutely amazing. you look like the PERFECT bride and the photos (and beautiful first look video) capture all the most wonderful and seemingly intimate moments. congratulations to you and on these photos.

  17. Mona – You look so beautiful and you made a cold day look so warm with your warm smile! Congratulation!

  18. I’ve been stalking and waiting for these to be posted! 🙂 As always, the pictures are fantastic. Congratulations Mona– you guys look so happy! Best of luck.

  19. Mona you looked stunning!!!! You two look so happy and you looked so relax all day, Again JP and Joe Awesome pics,. you must get sick of us telling you how great you two are. 🙂

  20. Unbelievably beautiful pics of Mona and Andrew…the rest of us aren’t so bad either 🙂 I look at each one and relive all those amazing moments of that day which went by at lightning speed.
    JP, you’ve done it again.

  21. aww, for anyone who doesn’t know mona and andrew personally. they are really the sweetest people i know. if two people ever deserved a beautiful wedding and a lifetime of happiness, it’s these two. JP totally managed to capture how in love they are..you can totally see it!! so amazing! and, even though this is the photo site, you seriously have to watch the first look video, it made people i work with cry and they don’t even know andrew and mona!

  22. I get cold again just looking at these photos. Big props to Mona and Andrew for being the bravest couple of the year! I still can’t believe how long they stayed outside to make these photo happen. Remember,it was 43 degrees that day. I had on gloves, and Big Joe can confirm the long undies – no doubt. By the way, that B&W shot with Birch trees in the background is “just nutty.” What a wonderful couple. All the best to the two of you.

  23. Amazing pictures!! Mona, I love your dress!! The cold pictures at the end of the post are my favorite, but overall a beautiful wedding!

  24. These are simply gorgeous! First look = adorable. Congratulations to the happy couple! – From a silent blog stalker 😉

  25. Mona….. you are simply gorgeous!!! What a beautiful day, you and your husband look so happy in love. The dress is amazing… and the red that the girls are in just pops! Hard to pick a favorite picture, when they all look so beautiful.

    CONGRATULATIONS and I hope that you have a wonderful “happily ever after…”!

  26. So in the words of MONA – “Ammazzinggg” . Congrats to you guys…MRS MONA you made a beautiful bride – just like we all knew you would. J/JP – u guys rocked it again! awesome captures….see you guys soon!!!!!!!

  27. Mona-congrats!!! What a beautiful Bride! The shots outside are awesome!!! I Best wishes from another blog stalker!

  28. wow, some great photos there. loving the orange color. congrats mona. you deserved a great weddin.