Monesh & Amanda’s NYC Proposal Photos

I love shooting surprise proposals. Don’t get me wrong they stress me out a little bit but once you get the shot everything is great! When Monesh contacted me about shooting his proposal to Amanda he mentioned he wanted to shoot in Washington Square Park. So the plan was set and then mid week we had to figure out a backup plan since mother nature wasn’t cooperating. I arrived in the city a around 5pm and the proposal was set for 7pm. My dark sky app told me we would be ok for 7pm and the rain was moving away. So I trusted the app and it didn’t let me down. Monesh popped the question and Amanda said yes!! I want to wish them a huge congratulations and hope maybe they’ll have me in London to shoot their big day 😉 Thanks again my friends!


When you’re planning a surprise shoot you want to scout out the location and let the man know where to purpose. Usually this happens another time before the actual proposal day but with Monesh in London and me in Albany we just couldn’t plan it that way. So I snapped some pics of where I wanted it to go down and texted them. Also the best invention ever is Uber (we all know this) but when Monesh texted me and said we’re on our way in an Uber I immediately told him to send me his trip so I could track their arrival. This way I knew exactly where the Uber would let them off. Here are some fun shots of the preparation including awesome emoji’s lol.

And here is the real deal. We could not have planned it any better!

So after the proposal we had a mini portrait session…

So happy..

I love shooting in the park..

did I mention the sun was trying to peak out too?

They never stopped smiling.

How about that ring? Nice work, Monesh!


Loved this color palette!

and of course, my token “bling shot”!!

congrats you two!!

next one

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