Hey Guys! We asked our former bride/fashionista Tiffany, if she’d share some helpful wedding style tips to you all. So enjoy this guest post from TIffany and check out her blog too!

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Hello fantastic Elario readers, I have returned to share with you more style! This time it’s for the aisle, how to create a look that is completely you on your wedding day. This is not only for the blushing brides to be, more often than not I find the groom is the one trying to take his look to the next level because there are only so many ways to make a tuxedo/suit unique. Regardless if it’s the bride, groom, MOB/G or FOB/G trying to set your look apart, while still remaining true to your personal style can be a challenge. Did you ever notice how in the best of the BIG days it’s the tiniest of details that make an impact? In order to set your grand affair apart you have to look to the traits that define your personal taste and shine a sweet spotlight on them.

Personal Touches: Even if you are ultimate keeper of traditions, the creme de la classics, the way you can style your look to be all your own is through those one-of-kind touches. A hint of your heritage, an heirloom piece of jewelry, an honorable medal or charm are subtle but chic ways to be more than just another white dress and suit.

Socks? that rock: Move over cold feet, the cool guy is all about hot socks. This playful way of including the day’s color scheme into the grooms wardrobe is charming, energetic and clearly, picture perfect.

All hail the veil! It could be as dramatic as a soap opera, hitting cathedral length, or just a demure cage piece with a touch of retro flair. Some might chose no veil at all. In my early stages of planning my look, I was one of these people. Then someone wise brought it to my attention, when else will you wear an accessory as iconic as a veil, something that screams “I’m the bride!” For photo purposes alone, it is such a stunning and definitive item. Most choose to wear it for the ceremony, then slip it off and change into something a little more fanciful, like a flower or encrusted headband. You could even go all Hollywood and nestle.a bird in that updo, the choice is yours, just make sure it’s “you” and brings the best out of your dress.

Bouquet and Beyond: Dress, check, veil, check, shoes, check, jewels, check, oh and yeah, that other big part of a bride’s look, her bouquet! The florals that are carried play such an essential role now a days not only for their beauty, but their individuality. Brides are collaborating with their florist to make a bouquet an extension of their style, incorporating intricate fabrics, hints of sparkle and even charms with photos bringing those who couldn’t attend, a little bit closer.

Fly Ties: When the groom and his guys are well suited, they could take on the world. Add a stylin’ tie into the mix and watch out now! Just like a printed pair of socks, a tie with a little bit of flavor can enhance color coordination and excitement. And for my black tie bow-tie guys, the bride isn’t the only one who can switch things up at the reception, go classic for the ceremony and transform into prints charming on the dance floor.

Prop Photo Op: It’s debatable but there are few people who love a perfect prop more than me. The fun just pops out of a picture when you see an unexpected parisol, or a troop of beautiful bridesmaids and their fearless leader dashing through the snow in, not your average satin heels. Highlighting the “getting-ready” process can be a show stopping moment in itself when everybody suits up. This is a great idea to keep in mind when doing bridal party gifts, equipping everyone with a special something that can make for a memorable shot.

I will leave you with secret ingredient to a stunningly, flawless look, and it doesn’t include fashion tape, or designer shoes or perfect tailoring {although, I’m not going to say those things don’t help!} it’s genuine confidence. Create a look around what makes you feel beautiful/handsome, enlist hair and make-up professionals for a few magic touches {gents get a good hair cut and a hot shave}, you will be the best, filled with happiness, glowing, version of yourself, and that right there is irresistible.

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  1. Tiffany, always great advice on the fashion! Love it! I must say, I agree about the veil. I was totally not going to do one, and then they're like "Just try this on…" and BOOM. Bride (never mind that I was wearing a wedding dress already, but it just completes the look). 🙂

  2. Love this! Great job as always Tiffany! It all about the small details, sometimes even the ones no one but the bride or groom will know about. Personally I adore the fun socks and heels!