The Mount has to be one of the most beautiful locations around here. I could shoot here like every day. Yes I know, it helps that Jenny and Josh are pretty darn photogenic too. Seriously, talk about making my job easy! I cannot wait for their wedding later this year so we can do this again. Thank you both for having me capture these engagement photos at The Mount!!


Meet Jenny & Josh.
The walled garden was a perfect place to set off the session.
Seriously, I just pointed the camera and clicked. They made it easy.
There are so many great places to shoot at and we’re still in the walled garden!
love it.
I liked this spot in the woods as you pull in..
and this might be one of my favorites from the first outfits.
Jenny, you’re so pretty. That is all.
I want to move in here.
It started to get a bit cloudy and dark while we were shooting here but mother nature held off a little bit for us..
I love these two images together..
For me the lime walk is easily my favorite part of the grounds.
So pretty!
the sky was pretty sweet too!
another favorite..
and here it began to rain…
just in time for my token “bling shot”
and a turnaround! thank you both!! see you soon!!


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