It’s about time we wrap up the Memorial Day 3 wedding weekend right? Well last but most certainly not least I present Naomi and Joe’s wedding. We couldn’t have asked for a more fun one to wrap up a busy weekend. For us, the day began again at the Gideon Putnam hotel. Were we not just in room 228 two days ago? Anyway the room was all good energy and filled with bridesmaids, parents, brothers, hair, makeup, florists, you name it, we all were in the house. It had been a while since I saw Naomi. She and Joe hired us back in June last year and I really never heard from her again until maybe 2-3 weeks out. Why am I telling you all this? Well I wish I spent more time with her before the wedding because she is awesome! For those of you who know Naomi this isn’t nothing new to you. Same goes for Joe, what a great guy! Anyway after hair and makeup was finished it was time for Naomi to get dressed.  Then Big Joe and I headed downstairs and met up with videographer Al Woodard. I think this is wedding #9 on the Alfie counter for 2011. What can I say? Elario brides have great taste. Speaking of great taste, that cute and talented florist I happen to call my wife (Kris Ann Elario) did her damn thing with those flowers! Some of my favorites from Fleurtacious Designs this year. What a wonderful crew she has to make these events all come together, wait till you see the tent! Back to the day, we had a first look, took some pics and then bounced to Saratoga National! It was time for the Bedecken and then the Ketubah ceremony. After that it was time for the ceremony. Now, it was hot but I have to commend Angelo Mazzone, Kevin Sykes and  Saratoga National for how they handled that. It might not seem like much but there was tons of little bottles of water on ice for the guests as they entered the ceremony. It’s just something I noticed that Mazzone does, they really go the extra mile. After the ceremony I ventured into the tent. Wow! That tent looked wonderful. Not a detail was overlooked. The party was now in the hands of who else? Um, only the New York Players! I’ll say it again, they know what they’re doing! Another awesome party thanks to them! It really was the way you wanna go out on a three wedding weekend. Thanks to Hayden Yund for rocking yet another crazy photo booth! I must thank the couple, Naomi and Joe. Thank you so much for having us. It was a pleasure spending the day with you and meeting your families. Let’s do this again next year?


In suite 228 hung a gown..

and some ridiculously awesome shoes..

Christian Louboutin’s are worthy of another photo right ladies?

Amy Elizabeth was on the makeup. Naomi looked classic and photographed so great! Nice touch in the hair huh?

Time to get dressed..

The back of the gown was stunning…. we’ll get to that in a minute.

Ok one more.. maybe the last?

Naomi’s father Steve loves what he is seeing. How could you not?

Incredible bouquets by Fleurtacious Designs

A couple more…

Last but not least Naomi’s..

So photogenic.. and fun.

Insert beautiful bride here:

Oh hey ladies..

Joe, looking good..

Love this shot of the guys..

Nothing like a first look with some emotion..

The spin around…

Yeah, he loves it.

The front of this hotel is just classic Saratoga Springs.

I love these two..

and this one..

Ok one more of Naomi..

off to Saratoga National

I love this one..

Making it official..

Meanwhile down at the tent..

Always my favorite time of the day to capture.

Moments like this are just wonderful

Mazel Tov!

Mr & Mrs…

Some of my favorite centerpieces I’ve seen from Fleurtacious Designs The paper was from Paper Dolls of Saratoga.

How awesome are the cake plates? Seriously?

The china was just perfect.

Another Debbie Coye cake!

I think Naomi was a little scared up there..

I had to bring them back out for my favorite time of night..

Oh how I love the configuration.

One of my favorites..

My facebook teaser..

We’ll end with a few photo booth snaps..

How cute are Julia and Greg? You remember them right? Their wedding is coming to an August 20th 2011 near you..

I love this one.. So fun.

We’ll end with the newlyweds. Congrats guys!!!

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  1. You made my bride look like an Angel. Thank you – you do magnificent work!
    Say yes to the dress

  2. You guys look just beautiful-we are so happy for you. Love, The Gallucci Family

  3. First of all, yay AAG! Ok moving on… This is classic, start to finish. Naomi’s dress is so pretty. That lace, top to bottom… the back… the pearls… OH and I just noticed she had a half-up do and then an up-do. Beautiful, and the best of both worlds. Love the louboutins, rrrrrrrred soles. 🙂
    Also love Joe’s champagne bow.
    I love the look at the altar too. Very sweet. 🙂
    The DETAILS – first… I LOVED the china. So awesome, so unique. Again, so classic. The flowers – amazing. Kris Ann your bouquets have really made me fall for peonies. JP they do look like yummy ice cream. I love how the girls had different flowers in their bouquets. And the cake plate centerpieces were just beautiful, again adding to the intimate, classic (there’s the word again) feel. Beautiful.

    Naomi and Joe, congratulations on a beautiful day!!!! 🙂

    Big Joe and JP – awesome. Do I have to say it? But yea you know that…

  4. Yay! Another Albany Academy bride! Congrats Naomi! You looked so beautiful on your wedding day! Jp and Big Joe, no need to tell you both how amazing you are! You guys captured this day perfectly and the images are gorgeous! Love the pink and gray photo booth backdrop too!

  5. So excited for this post…. The photos are amazing & you both captured the day perfectly! Naomi & Joe Congratulations! It was a joy to work with everyone on this one.

  6. What a beautiful bride & family ! The photo’s are so natural, just perfect !

  7. Marie Antoinette fantasy came true by a million miles!!!
    The china…the shoes…the flowers…the make-up…the cake…the party…the pictures…Perfecto!
    JE captured it all so well.
    Nay & Joe, I love you guys. Xo.

  8. so fun! love the shoes, love the shotS of the shoes, including the walking to the wedding…
    love all the flowers, Fleurtacious outdid herself with the centerpieces, WOW.
    The emotion of the parents and the first look are priceless, once again, great capture of those 🙂
    Great looking groom and guys, LOVE the group shot of the wedding party, awesomeeee. 😀 Congrats you guys!!!

  9. Amazing! Out of all of the weddings that I have seen on here, I have to say that this may be my favorite. The flowers, the china, the shoes, the dress– everything was beautiful! Congrats to the two of you, and job well done! Your wedding photos are stunning, and it surely looks like you enjoyed every minute of your day.

  10. Naomi, to call you a beautiful bride would be the understatement of the century! You look so gorgeous in these photos (and obviously all the time!)!!! Your wedding was so amazing and I am so excited for you and Joe! Love, love, love all the pictures but I especially love the one of your dad’s face when he saw you and you and Joe laughing during the ceremony! Amazing!!!!

  11. These pictures are absoultely amazing!! Naomi and Joe, you look so wonderful!!! Love you!

  12. AMAZING pictures…her shoes are HOT!! (both the Loubies and the TOMS! ) and Where are those Plates from ?? How fun is it for you to be going to all sorts of weddings and being amongst all sorts of fun details– i love it!!

  13. looks like such a pretty wedding! I love the lace, the shoes, the flowers, the CHINA, the cake!! such nice details. amazing pics, as always :). congrats to the couple!

  14. un-freakin-believable! JP and Joe, you guys are so amazing and we cannot thank you enough for capturing the best day of our lives so perfectly! I will be obsessing for days…weeks… forever!!
    all our best,

    Naomi and Joe