natalia & carlos: hall of springs

Wow! Wedding 3 of 3 this past weekend was off the damn chain. Seriously. Now, normally we don’t take three weddings in a weekend and when wedding coordinator Katie O’ came to me we already had Friday and Saturday booked. I honestly said no we’re not open however Katie knew we were actually open, was persistent and told me that the couple loved our work and wanted to have us. How could I say no? Really, I’m so glad we decided not to sit on the couch on Sunday October 16th 2011 but more so that Natalia and Carlos chose us! So without further ado lets get into this beautiful day.

It’s always nice showing up to a hotel and seeing Katie O’ on site and it’s even better when she hands me two 4 packs of Red Bull. Now, I didn’t go thru them all. Why? Well, there was no need for that because the energy was there and never fell off all day! So you know, by energy I mean Natalia, Carlos, their families and bridal party were there. They were very much there and ready to celebrate these two high school sweethearts marriage. The day was great. From the moment Natalia put on that gown heads were turning for obvious reasons, she killed it. Carlos not looking too shabby either, rocking a hand tied bow tie. Their first look went down and it was great. Carlos while being roused by his boys not to cry totally shed a tear or two. Then after the family and bridal party photos it was time to do what I love to do, capture the bride and groom. I’m pumped with the stuff I got and I really hard a hard time narrowing down favorites for this blog which is why its a long one. Now its ceremony time and the space looked great. It was decorated by Anthology Studio and I loved all the candles. There was a lot of love in the room and the ceremony was just perfect and unique. Now onto the party.. WOW. Seriously from the moment it started it didn’t stop. They entreated the room to some of the best drums and percussion I’ve heard. Thats how you set it off! Then the party was handed to DJ Kenny Valdez. I have to give props to this DJ, aside from the live mixes that actually made me put the camera down and dance for a minute the setup was tight and looked awesome. The dance floor was packed and so was the Elario Photo Booth! Mad props to all involved on this one, you all rocked it. Thanks to Katie O’ for coordinating the day. I love coordinators and wish all my clients would use them!! Natalia and Carlos, thank you guys so much! I could not be happier with your images and I have confidence you’ll feel the same. I got mad love for you both! I’m not sure if you’re honeymooning or not but I hope this blog reaches you guys!


Mrs Cruz (to be), your dress is ready..

As you can see all loved seeing this stunning bride.

The fella’s hung out downstairs with their cigars and waiting for the first look.

Carlos, looking great!

I love this little first look series..

so sweet.

Everyone enjoyed watching the first look!

Do your thang Natalia.

Too much beauty in one photo..

The image on the let was the first image I took of Natalia alone. Lets just say she didn’t need to warm up.


One more..

Oh hey there Katie O’! All brides should have a wedding coordinator… you’ll thank me later. πŸ˜‰

A bunch of good looking people right here. I especially like the two kids on the left.. They seemed to really like each other.. πŸ˜‰

For the photogs… Nothing like the 135mm

or a 24mm 1.4L.. sorry to get all techie on you! I do love this image though.

Ah this is why you get married in October.

I like the next few with the interior of the Hall of Springs washed in color.


It kept getting easier.

Natalia, you be killin em’

I freaking love this. This almost was my facebook teaser…

until I took this one.. I love it. 25 comments, 70 likes.. I think I picked the right teaser (brushes shoulder off)

One more from this spot..

Time for a ceremony..

Here she comes!

I love the reactions from the bridesmaids..

Caught!! Little man was caught sleeping and almost missed walking his flower girl down the aisle.

Mr & Mrs..


An Elario configuration..

Their happiness was so fun to capture.

another “this is why you get married in October” image.

A couple fun props.

Another favorite of mine..

The Hall of Springs. (see the dj’s setup? tight)

Time to party.

First dance..


Packed floor and not only that but everyone was SO close to each other. I had to dance my way into this photo.

Show offs.. I wish I could move like you.

Oh yeah! The Elario Photo Booth was in the house!

This not yet released gold from drop it MODERN is beginning to be one of my most popular drops (I hope they don’t want it back!)



Yeah Grandma, do your thang!


The dude with the mic is obviously living his dream.

Congrats to you both!!!

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