natalia & john: saratoga national

October 0 /  Jp 1.. Seriously I’m on it! I’m kicking Octobers butt, no stopping. Eh eh.. I must say I’m happy to share Natalia #1’s wedding with you this weekend. What are the odd’s I get two Natalia’s in the same weekend? Anyway like I said, it’s the first Natalia’s (& John’s) blog today so sit back, relax and enjoy what I have for you! Love this couple…

The funniest thing in the world happened on Saturday October 15th 2011, we arrived at the hotel and Natalia was fully dressed! I was like “oh you’re dressed?” She said “well, yeah we were doing really good on time.” All I could do was laugh. Then I said “OK, well at least give me your shoes so I can photograph them.” Then she took the dress off (no not in front of us) and literately got back in it. We tried to shoot it hanging but the hanger straps were cut out. Anyway, what does that tell me? Well, it told me Natalia was the most excited bride of all time. That held true all damn day! All she did was smile. After Natalia got dressed for the second time we headed out onto broadway to photograph her and the ladies. Then it was off to Siena College where the love birds met. It was also the spot where they’d tie the knot in front of a packed full Chapel. Not only was Natalia all smiles, the same rang true for Johnny boy, he was living it up.  It was great to see a past Elario b&g, a future b&g and a couple other couples who need to get on it already (*cough*  Carl, *cough* Andrew, your ladies are dying to be Elario brides, they told me so). Once the knot was tied, we had a rainy drive up the north way to Saratoga National Golf Club. Thankfully when we arrived at Saratoga National for the 9th and final time for 2011 the rain stopped. We banged out a quick bridal party shot and then I took Natalia and John onto the course. I love what we got and owe mother nature a thank you card for not raining on us! Then it was party time. DJ Scott Hemming did his damn thang all night. The dance floor was PACKED! Seriously more people danced at this wedding than any other SNGC wedding in 2011. Thats how Siena rolls though, they proved that to me in September. Natalia and John, thank you. Thanks for having us at the big day. Thanks for the shout out on the Fly morning rush the week of your wedding too! It’s been a freaking blast working with you two. What a fun day!!!! Congrats! I know Mexico has the internet so enjoy this blog!!


We’ll set it off with one of my favorites from their beautiful engagement session.

The shoes..

John’s titanium ring was as light as a feather, pretty cool.

Natalia gets dressed, take two.

Stopping traffic on broadway like what!

Again, with a name like Natalia you have to know how to work it..

and that she did..

Loving the veil.

The fellas had to fight off all the college girls driving by hollering at them.. true story.

a nice moment with Natalia and Dad (& the limo driver.. dang can’t they give them some space?, thats a blog post for the off season)

John, all smiles.


Mr & Mrs..

Hey hey!

This was my facebook teaser, I love it. Nuff said.

love this series..

Get into that configuration now..

So pretty..

The puddles are awesome.

More smiles…

Loving the colors.. or lack there of.

Do your thang girl.

more favs in b&w..

After their engagement session I started turning the camera around..Natalia wasn’t too happy about that so here ya go!

Saratoga National Golf Club..

Blue light..

The grooms cake / Johns birthday cake. Yup their wedding date was his bday. John, no excuses to ever forget your anniversary player.

First dance..

Not sure what exactly is happening here.. lol

Michael is at it again. Can’t wait for your wedding when I’m gonna show you all how to Dougie.

One more party shot. Congrats you two!!

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