natalia & john’s engagement session!

Ok.. what we have here is a great looking couple at a wonderful location, topped off with some sweet light! Seriously it doesn’t get much better my friends. When Natalia first mentioned to me last year she wanted to shoot at John’s Aunt Pat and Uncle Peters home I was like cool! She said something about it having nice gardens and flowers. Honestly at first glance of this old home I fell in love. I believe the original part of the home dates back to the 1820’s. I want to move in. Plus they’re close to my favorite chicken wing spot but that’s for a whole other blog post. Anyway, photographing these guys here was a blast. I loved exploring the property! October 15, 2011 cant come quick enough so we can have some more fun! Thanks again guys!


When they start out this nice you know its going to be good..

These guys are so fun and pretty easy to photograph.


A couple b&w’s..

Aaaah the light..

Don’t they look so comfortable?

A configuration..

A wardrobe change.. dont worry the gargoyle isn’t coming to the wedding 😉

I love this one..

With a name like Natalia you have to know how to sass it up..

Another favorite..

I just loved this porch.

My facebook teaser image..

Off the master bedroom was this balcony. Imagine this your view every morning?

Ok.. we’re on Glass Lake and it looks like glass. Coincidence? PS.. I love this color!!

Adjectives to describe this image:  Warm and buttery..

another favorite.

How cute?

I’ll say it again.. I love the color!

Oh hey now.. 😉

I told them I forgot how to do the bling shot and they just laughed at me..

Forget how to do my token bling shot? Neverrrrrrr! See you guys soon, thanks again!!

next one

lily is one!